Non Stop Weekend

Ah, I need an extra day to recover from busy weekends, it wasn't incredibly busy but Saturday was JAM packed! 

Friday night, CA went out with his brother and friends, so I was home just catching up on home stuff. I was able to get organized with my blogging planner, and life planner. I printed out some pictures from pinterest for my Florist appt on Saturday. I also visited a very old friend, Katie she is moving to Florida (without me how rude!), but her hunny finally got a transfer down to Florida and she is super excited! She's got a cute little girl, and we just relaxed and chatted forever about everything. She is officially moving some time in August, and I just can't believe she's really leaving. I know this will be great for them, and that it's affordable, she told me about her apartment and even THAT I could afford on my OWN! It's just crazy. 

Myself, Abby (she'll be 2 in October), and Katie. 
We've been friends since middle school and we usually tell people we are twins LOL

Saturday day/night, CA and I had a very busy day, I made snicker doodle pancakes for breakfast with some bacon. He went golfing before our 3 party day, and I headed over to a Florist with my mom and aunt. I was pleasantly SURPRISED with how affordable it was, I've always heard that flowers are expensive, and I was just a bit worried. The woman was AMAZING, so fun and full of life, and I felt calm immediately. We discussed the pictures, and came up with a cheaper option for the flowers I'd like, which is 100% fine with me.

I also made a minor change to my wedding, my center pieces will no longer be JUST candles, it will be flowers and candles. Trust me I was shocked, but I actually loved the design I saw while we were sitting there. It FITS our theme, it makes it all come together and it completes who we are as a couple. 

After all of the AWESOME wedding stuff, CA picked me up and we headed to our first party of the day a Christening! It was a fun time, we got to spend some time with our friends that we don't really see and I got to bond with a precious little girl named Gianna who is almost 2 years old! After the Christening, we headed to my house and I changed to be more comfortable for 2 backyard parties. We first headed to CA's friend Rocco's house, for his surprise 30th birthday party, I know his younger sister and it was fun to catch up. 

The third party of the day, was a welcome home party for a soldier who just arrived home late last week.

It was super awesome, beer pong was played (I don't play I am horrible!), flip cup (I play that), and just relaxing and chatting! It was a bunch of fun to relax, talk, and celebrate Matt being home from overseas. We stayed basically the rest of the day there, one of the best parts, was all three parties were IN our town. 
Sunday day/night, CA and I stayed in late (10am), and then headed to breakfast, it was nice to not cook breakfast, even though I don't ever mind. 

CA headed to Zanussi's for some poker, and I did some more blogging and pulled out my camera. I have had my Canon T3 for about 3 years and I just finally got the hang of using manual! I am so excited, I invested in my camera also, I got new lenses, and while dinner was cooking I snapped a few pictures. 

Below is probably my FAVORITE one that I snapped like ALL day, my dog isn't really one to pay attention to the camera. So while I was trying to get him to look at me for more than 2 seconds. He wasn't barking, he was actually yawning, but it looks like he's "yelling" which cracks me up. 

Dinner, we had baked potatoes, corn on the cob, and ribs. I snapped this with my canon as well, and I thought it came out nice. 

Sunday morning, CA realized we didn't take one picture on Saturday so right before he left, we took a quick picture together. 

I love busy weekends over the summer, we get to enjoy the outdoors and I absolutely love being able to cook on the grill. We have a pretty busy week ahead, Mets game tonight, second deposit for our venue, Wednesday I have runstart, Thursday is a date night for sushi, and Friday is a night of relaxing. 

How was your weekend!?

Dateless in Dallas



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