Non-Traditional Thanksgiving

I'm in a mood this year.  I don't know why, but merely the thought
of preparing a holiday meal, or decorating, or putting up the tree
makes me break out in hives.  And the thought of gift shopping?  Yeah,
I'm not feeling it this year.  It's not that I'm depressed or anything,
cause I'm most definitely not - as a matter of fact, I'm feeling pretty
good.  I think I just need a break this year.  You see, no one in my
house actually likes turkey.  We love all the sides, and we make a ton
of them, but we find the smallest turkey in existence every year and
cook that.  We've considered just doing a breast, but then we'd have to
get the giblets and such from the butcher and we live in Ocala, FL so
the butcher is basically the guy at the meat counter at Publix.  So
yesterday we had a family meeting and everyone threw out ideas about
what their perfect Thanksgiving would look like this year.  When all
was said and done, the overwhelming opinion was that we would all
prefer seafood.

I called the three restaurants in town that I
would consider eating out at on Thanksgiving Day and they're all
closed, so we sat back down at the table and decided on a menu for a
Stay at Home, Non-Traditional, Thanksgiving Day Meal. 

We've decided on:

  • small lobster tails, broiled
  • shrimp (for everyone but me, I'm allergic), boiled
  • crab legs, steamed
  • scallops, seared and sauteed

Yum, right?  And easy.  We also thought that this would be great
with linguine or fettucine in a garlic cream sauce.  I can't totally
see this, can't you?  A big, steaming bowl of pasta with all this
beautiful seafood and a lovely bottle of wine for the grown ups.  Yeah,
I can do this.  I think this is a great decision for us this year.  And
the hives are gone.

Oh and I'm looking for new ideas for a special garlic cream sauce, so if you've got one, please share it.

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