Non-traditional careers for women~

I learned a long time ago that education of any kind can be of a benefit.  I think it is especially important today when unemployment is still at record highs, the government reports that the unemployment is currently @ 8%(only includes Americans on unemployment rolls) the real unemployment is 16% (according to Topics Breit Bart).   It is important for women to think about a career for both short and long term needs.

I now sit with my daughter and we talk about her future.  We will decide togehter if she should go to college or into a trade.  Both options have disadvantages and advantages for today and in the future.

Women that may be entering or re-entering the workforce may want to consider a non-traditional job or be trained in a non-traditional field.  Many universities/colleges, state agencies and/or women organizations have associations to help women with the process.  In Oregon there are several organizations that help women of all ages.

Organizations include:

Trades Women

Women Construction Owners & Executives

Advocate for Women in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics (AWSEM)

Other states:

Washington Women in Trades

Sisters in the Building Trades

Women Operator

There are many jobs that are considered non-traditional for women: (some of the most under representative)

  • Tool and die makers




  • Electricians




  • Logging workers




  • Bus and truck mechanics and diesel engine specialists




  • Millwrights




  • Structural iron and steel workers




  • Maintenance workers, machinery


  • Brickmasons, blockmasons, and stonemasons (U.S. Department of Labor Women's Bureau).





Other Non-traditional jobs for women: (increasing numbers of women entering)

  • Architects, except naval




  • Farmers and ranchers




  • Network systems and data communications analysts




  • Security guards and gaming surveillance officers


  • Farm, ranch, and other agricultural managers (U.S. Department of Labor Women's Bureau).

Good luck in your search for success!!!









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