Northeast is Back (Washington, DC)

Brookland, Eckington Place, Bloomingdale, NoMa (really known as the NY-Fla Ave Corridor)…all of these places have been great undiscovered places in DC to live.  While most now or even before the re-commercialization of U Street and Columbia Heights still preferred these mid-city center points, Northeast had been overlooked.

Don’t put your bias blinders on because these places have offered far better living with bigger and affordable living spaces.  Northeast was close enough to the city but far enough detached to have plenty of parking, no zoning restrictions and some space to just breathe.  Yes, this didn’t take away the “but-it-still-looks-scary-part-of-city-look” but quite honestly, if you’re from this city long enough, you know every part of the city has this.  And yes, even Northwest has “sketchiness”, this is what you get when you live in a city.

Every part of the city is seeing change and this includes Northeast.  We see the redevelopment of the industrial New York Florida Avenue corridor and reinvestment.  The redevelopment of the popular farmers market with the opening of the beautifully renovated Union Market is another new spot to visit in NoMa; a number of fun festivals and outdoor events have already been hosted here.  Here ‘s the site to read more on that…

Now, if you’re looking for shopping, while Rhode Island Avenue already offers a new TJ Maxx, Anna’s Linens, and Foreman Mills, now there’s a new big box discounter called “Big Lots!” That’s “Big Lots!” with an exclamation point because quite frankly, it is exciting.  These may not be haute couture or outlets but they are all around great deals…  What impressed me even more is that Big Lots was clean, organized and well stocked.  Sure, it’s new but I’ve been out to these types of stores in the suburbs and they are always a mess.  I have to say the city versions are doing well on their own, and it’s important to keep in mind the benefits they offer to the city:

  • Residents have shopping alternatives – affordable ones in the city.
  • Money is kept in the city.
  • Residents want to then, stay in the city.
  • Most importantly, new stores, restaurants, developments and construction create jobs.

Read more about the Rhode Island Avenue developments here.

Welcome to Northeast…more to come.

Your Local DC Realtor and Thrifty Shopper,


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