The Norway Killer's Right-Wing Agenda for Women

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[Anders Behring Breivik wasn’t just obsessed with Muslims and multiculturalism. The alleged Norweigian killer also had extremely scary ideas about women. Jen McCreight at Blag Hag warns that some of those right-wing ideas are eerily familiar.--Mona]

She writes:

According to the purported manifesto of Anders Behring Breivik, who recently confessed to being responsible for the Norway killings:

1. Limit the distribution of birth-control pills (contraceptive pills): Discourage the use of and prevent liberal distribution of contraceptive pills or equivalent prevention methods. The goal should be to make it considerably more difficult to obtain. This alone should increase the fertility rate by 0,1 points but would degrade women's rights.

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anders behring breivik

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