Nosy People Are Just Too Nosy

The gardeners were cutting the older, fading roses from the bushes on a beautiful May morning. One was also giving them to people who were enjoying the heavenly perfumes floating around the rose garden. This pleasant, older gentleman gave me and my little one a special and beautiful stem with two pink roses on it. <--break->


We walked over to the butterfly garden enjoying our morning and each other. Then, this woman turned and gasped. Of course, I thought she was just delighted by the beauty of the roses and/or my little, cute darling. No, this was not the case. This stranger decided to open her disrupter and say "You are not supposed to cut the flowers!" As she said this she cowardly looked in another direction. Now she should have just kept her unwelcome snout to herself, because little did she know that I had just enough of unsolicited information from strangers in public. I knew that if I did not say anything to her, I would only keep fuming about what I should have said and be angry with myself.


So I said loudly and deliberately, as to be very clear, that she should really mind her own business and not mine. Even though I didn't need to tell her, I let her know that the gardener had actually cut the flowers and gave it to us. I gave her quickly a few extra tips on why she should keep her nose to herself and out of my sweet rosy business. I made sure I was empty of all "tips" before walking away. The person she was with said absolutely nothing; the woman did not either. In fact, the nose still did not look up at all.  Yes, I could have ignored her, but I did not. And I am glad I did not. I later laughed thinking that perhaps she would hesitate before putting forth her thoughts to strangers again because she might get a few thoughts back.


By the way, there were roses sticking out of a few women's purses everywhere. So I ask myself why I drew this experience. I knew exactly why. In the past, I have had this experience with rude woman especially and I usually say little or nothing.  I also knew that when a person is completing a certain pattern or experience, it surfaces once more to be resolved for good. What was my issue? I was not using my voice to tell people to back off because of some internal need not to offend them. I was given a chance to rid myself of this experience, so I took it. I have found my voice (and many that day heard it), so I can now move on to more pleasant and loving interactions with people.




Always the Highest.


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