Not this AGAIN

In one motion he was pulling me upwards out of my heels. I heard his zipper become undone and then I felt his hands pull on my panties. I reached into my bra and pulled out a condom.  I have to admit that Daisy gave it to me.  She said that it was her purpose in life to make sure that her younger sisters are safe.

“I rip them off.” I said arching my back and turning until our lips meet.  With one strong pull, I heard them rip and soft sound of them making contact to the floor.

 “Look at what I got.” I said.  “Stand still while I put it on you.”

To gain more control, I wrapped my foot around his leg and took hold of the abstract marble block in front of me. He had learned a lot over the past few years. Well we both should off our tricks.

We laid in a heap of bodily flesh. Sweat pebbles danced upon our foreheads and puddles of our bodies’ extract were scattered across the room. All of my energy to move or to speak was gone. If I needed to roll over I couldn’t.

“Will you marry me?” he asked. “My mother keeps asking about you.”

I just laid there.  It wasn’t too long ago that I got my vision back and my right leg’s cramp went away.

“Let’s not do this again.” I said. “This is why I left the first time.”

“I have been lost without you for so long.  How else do you think I have painted all of this.  You should have seen the other painting I’ve sold before these. I have made my living off of missing you.”

“Then why do you want me back?” I jumped to my feet and found my sundress balled up in the corner. “I know I will make you life unbearable.” I kissed him on the forehead. I put on my dress and slipped on my shoes. 

“You mean everything we said last night meant nothing.” He said. The look on his face said it all.  He was heartbroken.  My mind raced through the memories of the past few hours sprawled out on the floor doing all of the freaky things any women my age could do.

Besides all the screaming, calling out of names and unquotable murmurs of sexual pleasure, I don’t remember saying anything that would make him think we were going to have a relationship.

“What did I say?”

“When I asked you ‘Who’s it was?’ you said 'ME!'.”

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