Not all Dad's Are Garbage!


I have honestly been appalled at how many posts I have seen recently bashing Dad's. Calling for Father's Day to be removed from the calendar.. The trending hashtags are all about the negative.. I just want to say... NOT ALL DAD'S ARE GARBAGE!

I have been offended on behalf of all the amazing men I know hearing all the single ladies bashing the men in their lives, saying things like "Happy Fathers day to all the single mom's". Well I say screw that! You don't see the men bashing mom's on Mother's Day.. You don't see them saying things like "Happy Mother's day to all the single Dad's!". No! They take their day.. and they leave the mom's their's. There are just as many bad mom's.. Women who abuse, abandon, and screw up their kids as there are men...  Why is it considered "feminism" when its a woman who is bad mouthing a man.. but its a crime if a man does it?

I personally have an amazing Father.. He works hard, complains very little. He has always been there for me no matter what. I could call him tomorrow and ask for anything... and if it is in his power to do so.. He would help me. It wouldn't matter if I called and told him I killed someone.. He wouldn't ask why. He would ask how he could help. He has worked in construction since before I was born, took responsibility for getting my womb donor pregnant... Even stuck it out in a horrible relationship because he thought it was best for me. My dad has gotten a felony for me. How many of you can say that your dad is so devoted to you, and your happiness that he would go to jail for you? Not many from the tweets and Facebook statuses I have been reading.

My dad taught me to be a lady.. to respect myself and others.. and most of all? He taught me that I was better. I was better then he was. I was better then the woman who gave birth to me. I could do more.. be more. I had it in me to be ANYTHING I wanted to be because he believed in me. And he wasn't the type of man to say "I love you" or "I'm proud of you". He was more the type of guy to tell you to work harder.. dream more. Never give up! Never lower your standards and always be proud of yourself because no one was going to do it for you. He is one of the reasons I am the person I am today. (The other is my mom.. The pretty damn amazing woman my dad married almost 25 years ago).

My dad has always been the epitome of manliness to me. Even when I started dating... I always looked for guys who had the same body build, guys who worked with their hands, who liked to build things.. and most of all. I looked for guys who WANTED kids, WANTED marriage. I looked for a guy who wouldn't up and leave if I got pregnant. Someone who wanted me for more then a warm body to screw. Someone who respected my mind as much as he lusted after my body.. Because looks fade... Real love.. Love that will stand the test of time? That doesn't fade.. But it does take work. Because of the way I looked at relationships, I have never been one to date frivolously. If I am dating someone it is because I believe that there was something more then your typical "relationship". That the person I was dating wanted the same things I did in life. Not saying I didn't make mistakes.. Cause I did. I married my first husband at 17... Divorced him at 20. I found out quick that he didn't want kids.. he just thought he did. That as soon as he was faced with having a child all of a sudden he was crying foul saying I was cheating on him and that the baby wasn't his and he wanted me to get an abortion. Of course I wasn't cheating.. I was 18 and madly in love with him.. I thought he hung the moon and stars and barely even looked at other guys. I made better choices as I got older.. until I finally met the man who would become my husband. The man that I finally allowed myself to have kids with.

He is an amazing dad.. He changes diapers without complaining. He takes the kids to the park, plays house with our daughter. He feeds the baby so I can take a nap if I need to, or a shower. He was so excited when I got pregnant and adores our kids. So when I see all the hate.. the vile sewage that people are spewing right now about "Rape Culture" and how all men are a part of it even if they are good guys.. It makes me see red. Because DAMNIT! I have some pretty amazing men in my life. Men who adore their kids.. Want their kids. Love their wives to distraction, and overall just respect women for being the unique creatures that we are. So who are you to say that they are garbage? That they are part of the "problem". I proudly stand up for the men in my life and dare any woman or man to say something to me about it. Its not feminism to bash men. Its not a feminist movement to disrespect yourself by spewing the hateful things you are on the internet. Just because you have had bad experiences with men doesn't mean that all men are garbage!



Is this the face of a man who would ever hurt a child or a woman? No.. Its  the face of a man who adore's his daughter and would mess someone up for messing with her.


Its posts like these that make me see red.. There are people out there who wish they had one more day with their dad's.. Just one. Who wish with all their hearts to be able to celebrate another Father's Day with the man who helped bring them into this world.. and then there are these people who just spew hate to spew hate... Its so sad. Shame on them for perpetuating the myth that it is only men... only masculinity that causes abuse. And the one who mentions Rape Culture? Its not only men... and its not all men. These so called feminists forget that.. or tend to overlook it.

So for all the Dad's who are amazing, love their kids and wives and are looking forward to celebrating? Ignore the haters! Its mom's like me who respect all that you do and love you for it!


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