Not All Women Are One Issue Voters.- Beth Lindstrom @bethlindstrom

A couple of weeks ago, a few of us women flew to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to attend a rally at Marquette University with Ann Romney.   Ann was there for an event that attracted over 600 people.  The four of us used to work closely with Mitt Romney, Cindy Gillespie, former senior counsel to Governor Romney, Ellen Herzfelder, former Secretary of Environmental Affairs, Renee Fry, former Secretary of Economic Development and I (former Secretary of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation) were there to make the point that Governor Romney worked with many women in his administration.  We accomplished great things during our administration and more people needed to know about it.

 We were there to talk about him as a leader and as a boss.   We stood with a group of women in front of the fiery crowd alongside some terrific women leaders from the state of Wisconsin.  One of them was Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch.  She gave a rousing welcome and was so energized about Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan, it was truly inspiring.   Ann talked about her husband, why it was important to elect Mitt in November, but she also spoke to his character.  She told the stories that you don’t hear from the main stream media.

After the event, Lt. Governor Kleefisch came over to us to thank us for Ann Romney at Marquettecoming to Milwaukee and for all the effort we were making to get the word out about our former boss.  She was delightful, animated and confirmed that women care about the economy.  This is what she is hearing and wanted to make her point that women have been affected by the economy also.  Women are the shoppers, they are the managers of budgets, and they are the ones who try to make the paycheck last until the next one while having to pay extra for sports teams and the increasing price of a gallon gasoline.  She was passionate about the media and how they portray woman as one issue voters. 

Women overwhelmingly care about the economy and jobs.  When will the media start to recognize that?  I hope that conversations will happen over the country that will point out and elevate the fact that women have earned economic freedom in this country.  They care about their 401K plans and the future for their children.  They deserve more credit than the media gives them. The narrative needs to change.    

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