Not aLone Mom

Not aLone Mom is a website/blog/ministry dedicated to empowering, encouraging and inspiring women in their journeys through motherhood, and through life! As a mother, your life has no doubt changed dramatically from what you once knew. Well…

You are not alone!

We have all been there, and are there; motherhood brings with it a myriad of new emotions, thoughts, needs, feelings, ideas, etc. all of which should be nurtured and embraced. There are times when I need to feel “normal” and find comfort when reading about other moms who have “lost it” from time to time. There are times when I need encouragement, someone to remind me I CAN do it… and that I AM a good mother. There are times when I need a safe place to pour out my heart and share what is going on inside - without fear of judgment.

My hope is that Not aLone Mom can be all of this for YOU…and so much more!

What began as a desire to encourage moms by sharing stories about my (mis)adventures through motherhood - from the most embarrassing, see Motherhood – The Comedy, to serious, vulnerable moments, see Am I a Good Mother- is transforming before my very eyes into a multi-dimensional ministry for women to encourage, motivate and inspire on a number of levels.

But I’m not doing it alone either!

I am now joined by several amazing women of God from all over the country, each are mothers possessing a very specific talent and heart for God to encourage and inspire others, Not aLone Mom is growing into a place to provide encouragement through faith, health and fitness, balancing work and life, and more.

To read about how Not aLone Mom began and the VISION moving forward, click here.