Not at BlogHer? Don't worry! Here's how to stalk it.

Are you not in San Francisco or SecondLife, and dying to know what is going on?  I'm not at BlogHer08, but I'm staying pretty tuned in.  And what's more, tons of people are putting their "Not At BlogHer" angst to good use, and putting together virtual parties so that we can make our own fun. Want to stalk, or hang out with those who aren't there either? Read on! 

Twitter.  I'm using Twitter Search (formerly Summize) at and searching for the tags "#BlogHer08 OR BlogHer".  New tweets are coming through constantly, and Search will tell you when there's a new one and to refresh. I'm getting constant news. interesting tidbits from the sessions, and I've found tons of new Twitter friends this way too.

Qik.  Erin at Queen Of Spain Blog has been wandering around with a cool Nokia N95 Video Phone, talking to everyone she meets and streaming it live to us periodicallly. So far we've seen Mochamomma dance for us, had an encounter with a large blue dog (only at BlogHer!), and got to see new Bluetooth headsets being handed out. OK, so we're not getting the headsets ourselves, but it's the next best thing!

Live Blogs. Denise is updating the live blog list from every session as they come in, so keep refreshing!

Pity Parties.  So far I've seen plans for at least two "formal" pity parties for those of us who aren't at the conference. One's being spearheaded by TypeAMom, with a live chat on Saturday night where there will be a whole pile of awesome giveaways.  There's also BlogHop 08 being organized by Robin at Pensieve, where everyone is invited to write a party post and link it back. There's also a live chat for BlogHop on BlogTalkRadio starting at 10 tonight.. get primed!

Reaching out to other blogs.  Melizzard at Breaking The Dress Code started a cool initiative:  If you're not at BlogHer, head over and comment on her post, and she'll comment on your blog. Great way for all of us to start finding some blogs we've never seen before.

I can't hear you talking about BlogHer la la la la la. Are you simply looking for distractions? Then head on over to IzzyMom, where she's compiled a list of interesting distractions for you to peruse while you sit in BlogHer denial. 

Anyone have any other suggestions for stalking or distractions?


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