Not A Clue!

Never ceases to amaze me how so many people don't even know what they are eating! I am allergic to soy..which I swear is in seemingly everything , But if I go to a restraunt and ask " Is there soy in this"? Often the reply Is "I have no clue". I then say "Can you check the packaging it came in", Of course the reply is "Ma'am I'm sorry but that's been thrown out". And on the miricale that I find a food on the menu that may be soy free, Of course the restraunt uses soybean oil.. Think I'm joking about soy beng in everything? Next time you go to the store read your labels, Your favorite bread, Your favorite cracker, Cookie, Soup, Lets call this my form of reader participation :-) P.S Gluten Free is not the same as soy free.

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