not completely for the birds...

Ah, winter in central Texas. A harsh season, where the weather-folk talk about temperatures plummeting into the 50s. OK, maybe I shouldn't get too smug. We do have our share of ice storms and the occasional pipe-bursting hard freeze. Point is, while winter here is nowhere as harsh as in many parts of the country, the birds still need a hand from time to time.

We had a pretty good year, weather-wise, and there is more seed available than during the past two years of drought, but my birder friend thought a bit of suet would not go amiss. I trust her, she's the one that can sit in my backyard and name every one by their songs even when they are deep in the cover of a hackberry tree. She groks birds.

I trust her recipe, too.... (Please enjoy the rest of this post at Thanks!)


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