This is not the dream you are looking for

Dear 'Murica,

I fear that we're doing it wrong. I do not think Dr. King's intended message was for us to be one Nation twerking together, "Someday...that all little black children and little white children would be twerking on a stage wearing teddy bears suits to the horror of parents." On the other hand, maybe we should be less worried about the predictable self-destruction of a post-Disney (very young) adult and more concerned with ensuing war in Syria? Don't worry, Miley will help us find it on the map.

Miley Cyrus pointing to Syria






Maybe if she twerks on important news items, we'll pay attention.

We as a nation are caught in trivial pursuits: the latest Bachelor, a Weiner and his stupid proclivity for internet nudity or who will be playing a fictional character on the big screen. We ignore real issues, like food deserts, where all over this nation, finding fresh fruits and veggies in the neighborhood grocers is like finding a 2Chain in a haystack. (What exactly is a 2Chain?)

The pop culture sleight of hand increases expotentially the more advanced our technology becomes. Don't concentrate on how our government is able to monitor our thoughts, feelings, locations more than ever through social media, perhaps even eventually deciding our credit through it, according to CNN. Instead, share the latest meme and update your status about how you can't wait until the weekend.

Dr. King's speech discussed more than an idealist's vision of an utopian future. He was preaching to us about social change and social responsibility. Looking at the status quo and turning it upside. He was talking about a level of peace and equality that 50 years after, we have yet to achieve. And we won't if we keep letting these shiny and new things take our attention away from what truly matters. Nevermind. Maybe there's an app for that. 


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