Not every woman wants you...

Most of my headaches could be removed if men weren’t so conceited.  Men think everything is about them.  If you call a lot your obsessed with them.  If you want to take a picture your obsessed.  If you want to hang out you have a crush.  OMG! I can’t stand it.  It it crazy that there are some men on the earth that I don’t want to date!?  I’ve tried to give men the benefit of the doubt, but they always let me down.  If I’m trying to date you, you will know.  If I’m really interested you will know.  I will admit that I am shy,but I learned my lesson in middle school.  If I really like a guy I will swallow my pride and confess my interest.  If I don’t tell you explicitly that I’m interested, please don’t assume that I am.  I understand that there are girls who send mixed signal, but we are not talking about them.  We are talking about ME. 

I also change my mind.  I may have wanted you at one point; but now that I know you I’m not interested.  For some odd reason guys just don’t seem to get it.  I understand how annoying it is to have someone hounding you.  I’ve had my fair share of annoying, stalkers who didn’t catch the hint.  But, I didn’t jump to the conclusion that they were trying to date me.  Some of my stalkers were trying to date me while others just wanted to chill. 
                                                                           I get it guys… I get it. you are in “high demand.”
But it doesn’t make it acceptable to assume that every girl texting you is obsessed.  I have way too many examples of this happening to me… I try and hang out with a guy and he assumes I’m trying to hook up.  What is going on in these boys heads?!   And it always seems to be the ugly guys!  For some reason it is always the guys that are so whack and lame! Someone please help me out cuz it is killing me!!! 

I like having guy friends, I like guys.  But, this whole “the world centers around my d!ck thing” is getting old.  I wish I had a conclusion for this point, but I don’t.  Real talk, the only people who seem to be obsessed are the men themselves.  I hope some of my male readers will help me out with this issue, because I’m throwing up my white flag in 5, 4, 3, 2….

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