Not Gonna Lie - This Is A Struggle

I'm not gonna lie - this is a struggle. This marathon training is tough - not just physically but mentally. Anyone else out there training feel this way? Or am I just a weenie? For real, I keep telling myself to just suck it up. It's just 7 more weeks. But my body (and mind) feel tired at this point. But I also know this is the crunch time, where I have to dig deep (while listening to my body). See, that's the hard part. You have to listen to your body, but at the same time push through to reach new levels.

This week I didn't hit all of my scheduled runs (cue sad music). I had to cut my Monday run short. I was just super sore. Thursday's tempo run was also cut short. I was just too tired with dead legs.

Today was my long run and after being awake several times in the night with Lil Man and then Hubby's snoring, at around 3:30am, I turned off the 6am alarm and messaged my running buddy to tell her that I just wasn't going to make it. I felt bad for bailing on her, but it actually worked out since she wasn't feeling well and wasn't going to be able to make it either. So with a little more sleep, I got a very late start (for me), and headed out for my 16 mile run.

As I type this, I'm feeling every single step it feels like. I'm really sore. So I can't say that I'm totally thrilled that I have 7 on the schedule for tomorrow. But I am glad that I got in 16 miles at the target pace (plan called for 11:15-11:45). I did have to stop a few times to stretch. And I got dizzy once. But it's done!


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