Not Meant to have nice smelling candles!!! No really there's a conspiracy against my candles!!!

  Last night I came to the realization that I'm not meant to have a nice smelling candle. It never fails that as soon as I get a new one, a candle disaster ensues. I'm starting to think my family hates nice smelling candles and they don't want any in the house. Even the dog is in on the conspiracy against mom's candles!!! Now you're probably thinking “A candle conspiracy, whatever lady!!!” But I swear I can't keep a new candle more than 2 weeks before someone sends it and the warmer flying all over our tile floors and walls. And let me tell you they only destroy the good ones. Nothing ever happens to the ones that don't smell as good. If that doesn't sound like one, then I don't understand why I can't have any!!!


So here's how I have come to the conclusion that there is a conspiracy....


   About a year ago a friend gave us a box of stuff from his mom's house. I will take household hand-me-downs, as long as they are in good condition. I have never had to buy any dishes. But that's besides the point.  So, as I was unpacking this box of goodies, I found a candle warmer. I have wanted one for years. I was all excited and had to get a new candle. I bought this double scented candle and fell in love with it's delicious smell. That love was killed when 3 days later, I had it on the warmer and sitting on top of a square fan. Now, maybe on top of the fan wasn't the best place for it, but it had been there for the last 3 days. Well here comes our daughter and our son's friend play fighting and running through the house. They know they're not suppose to be doing this but hey kids are kids. When out of nowhere I hear a crashing sound. As I'm  running out of my room,  I’m thinking “OMG, who's hurt”!!! I come into the living room to see the fan knocked over and my brand new paradise smelling candle all over the wall and floor. And two kids standing  next to the mess, trying to look like sweet little angels. So, needless to say I had a few choice words for our daughter and our son's friend, who both of course blamed each other.


  The next time I decided to get a candle, I got the same one. I really wanted my house to smell like some  Hawaiian paradise. I decided that this time I'd keep it plugged in next to the dinner table and the wall. Better place than on top of a fan in the living room. You'd think, Right!!! Well, I guess the dog didn't like where it was. I had just let our 2 year old pit lab mix Shera outside to go to the bathroom. With our dog you have to stand out there with her or she'll jump the fence on go to our neighbor's house. Who just happens to have her sister. When I called  Shera in, she comes running full force into the house. But does she go the widest way around?! NO she has to go straight to where the candle and its warmer is. Which happens to be a really narrow space. She hits the cord and proceeds to freak out. Which of course just tangles the cord around her and pulls the warmer off the table. And there lays my candle all over the floor, wall, table and chairs. I look over at Shera, who is sitting there, head down and warmer hanging around her neck like a scarf. At least the dog knew she was in trouble.


  This last time, I decided after a few months to get a new candle. This time I got a big strawberry cheesecake candle. Yummo, I know!!! It smelled as good as it sounds. I put it on the computer desk which happens to be right next to the dinner table. Now it has been there for a couple weeks and no accidents. But yesterday I decided to move it on to the dinner table instead. So it was sitting just like it was when the dog had hit it. Around 6pm last night our daughter came running into our room to ask if it was her turn to go on the computer. This had been her third time coming and asking. I told her yes and to tell her brother that he needed to get off. Needless to say instead of going the long way around, she runs  to the same area as the candle. And hits the cord sending the candle flying onto the floor.  Here I am trying to keep my cool, once again!!! but I was so mad. I hate to say my daughter knew it too and starts to cry. She's newly 8 and a drama queen!!! Thank god her best friend was here, so she calmed her down. So instead of getting to eat dinner with my family, I was on the floor with a butter knife scrapping candle wax off the floor.


  Its not an easy process to get candle wax of tile, but I am so thankful that the landlord knew tile is better than carpet. If you ever find yourself having to clean candle off your tile here's what you might need. (it worked for me)


  1. knife to scrap off the most of the wax.

  2. Get your blow dryer- good for warming the wax back up

  3. a towel – to clean up the heated wax


It takes awhile but it works!!


   I'm going to give my family one more chance at not destroying my candles. So please keep your fingers crossed that the next candle won't end up in the trash!!! And if you happen to know of any easier ways to remove candle wax from tile. PLEASE let me know, as I am sure I will be cleaning up another candle by the end of the month.


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