Not In My Food~

Who I am and what I do is all about living with the thought of leaving something behind that my children, grand-children, and my fellowman can say...she was dedicated to this.

Good and safe food without chemicals, food that isn't cargoed from thousands of miles away.

Dead foods and foods void of any nutritional value when it reaches the dinner table.

Foods that are not laden with artifical garbage that changes our natural chemistry.

After spending years in the field of education, watching the moods of many different children day in and day out I came to the conclusion that food has a lot to do with how a child gets through their day.

After much research and study I now know that our food has been slowly killing all of us over many years.

There is a movement in this country to eat local and in season, and while everyone may not be able to buy into this idea totally...all things are workable to a degree.'s the willingness to look and see and find a starting point that will define our outcome.

Herbs can and do play a major part in a healthy and nutritious filled meal.

Herbs are loaded with all the good and rich componets that makes a dish more than a dish.

Herbs can make the difference between an ok meal and a meal packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and disease fighting bullets.

You may visit my blog and website to learn more about me and my passions with safe and sustainable foods, gardening, and living.




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