Not in the NEW Car!!!

We've had the car almost three weeks now.

Today.  TODAY they decide it was ok to make some Crystal light in water bottles.

and take them in the car.

I didn't know.

The car seats are a light gray.

Their drinks a deep reddish/purle.


My face is beat red.

Annoyance is on high.  

Crazy momma is about to rear her ugly head.


Not in the new car. Seriously. Oh sweet littles of mine really??
Now I have to go find out how to get RED raspberry drink out of the seats.


 How much is an appropriate fee to charge a 9 and 7 year old for car detailing?
I think this will be more lucrative than any other venture in life.
I mean if they have to pay me everytime they make a mess I would be RICH!


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