Not sharing my X with Paul Ryan

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You have a candidate whose agenda promotes a series of policies that are anti-women rights, anti-health such as Medicaid and birth control, and anti-gay rights and these are all Human Rights. This candidate is the right hand of a major bully, the Republican´t presidential candidate; we are talking about a so called “Generation X” Paul Ryan, Vice Presidential candidate for the Republicant´s.
The right wing media is trying to make him likeable by making a mention in the news that Paul Ryan comes from the “generation X” and listens to 90´s music, this supposed to makes us like him and it makes me mad because this insults my intelligence and it tries to make me forget that all my rights are being violated.
He said he´s favorite band is:  “Rage Against the Machine”, if his favorite band is RATM, I highly doubt he would be running for the right wing and have the “moral”/ anti -values that he carries. The only “rage” that he has is against women because he IS the “machine.
I´m from the so called “gen x” and I feel insulted to have the Republican´t pretend to have something in common with us because during those days, we preached for women´s right, there was a whole current of free liberal thinkers, we cared for one another unlike what he is currently “hating” in his agenda.
I will not share the “X” of my generation with someone who is discriminating against me, taking away the freedom that was given by previous sweated fights. It feels like this man and his ticket is taking us many decades back.
How there the L.A. Times say the Gen X is disengaged in climate change, just ask who´s in all the Greenpeace boards and Peta advertisements. Ask Angelina what´s her generation, ask the movers and shakers before you go on to make such a dumb statement.  Once again, I´m not sharing my “X” with people that doesn´t get it.

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