LFL is Not a Sport! It Is Glorified Sexuality

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I think I may have just thrown up a little! I was clicking through the channels and saw an advertisement for this - LFL.  Go ahead, click on it.  I'll wait. OK - you back now.  You see why I'm a little unnerved?  This is programming on MTV!  This is what we want our teenagers watching. 

While we continually talk about how valuable it is to teach our young girls the value of sports. How it build self-esteem, team work, dedication, and much much more.  We say that we want our young boys to learn to respect woman as their equals.  Then we put this crap on TV. 

Now let me say that I'm not one for censoring television, books, or other media.  I think Playboy has its place in society and if grown adults want to look at it- great. If your teenagers steals it and looks through it in the privacy of their room - fine.  But somehow this league really bugs me. 

Now we are dressing up these very attractive women in lingerie and giving them a football so they can go at it.  I haven't watched so I can't tell you how athletic they are, is it really football, or if it goes beyond the superficial level of sex.  Quite frankly I don't care to know.  The "uniforms" (I'll call it that) are appalling. 

As a college level soccer player I grew up playing soccer with girls.  When I was younger I played baseball with the boys (until I got kicked off for being a girl - a topic for another rant...I mean post).  I played soccer in high school and was best friends with many of the boy soccer players.  I went to college and again the boy's team and girl's teams were close.  We partied together, many of us dated.  My boyfriends (and my husband) liked girls in baggy soccer shorts and t's with a pair of knee high socks covering up those chin guards.  I learned so much from my sports-playing days - today i still play co-ed soccer in my "old people's" league. 

I want my daughter to learn that sports are a great means for physical exercise. I want her to know that she can go outside and kick around, shoot around, and hit around with her older brother and his friends any time she wants. I want her to be strong enough, physically and emotionally, to beat the boys that she can beat and to work harder to beat the one's she can't beat.  I want her to learn that her body is beautiful, no matter the shape.  I want her to know that muscle's are "sexy" when she is 21 and the magazine covers are showing off the waif like models. 

MTV - I know every generations takes things one step farther. I know that there was a time that me showing my knees in public was shocking behavior punishable by parental flogging.  But really, where are our morals?

What do you think? Appropriate?




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