A Note To Kristy...

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.   - Carl Jung
Is there really any other way to describe the relationship between
Kristy Sammis, BlogHer and the BlogHer community?  How do we say
goodbye to a person who has been such a major part of this community? 
We don't, instead we say, "until we meet again."

Kristy's relationship with BlogHer started as simply as attending an event and then, we were all transformed.  She has brought laughter, intelligence,experience and style to her role here and she will be missed more than these brief words can express.

However, while she is no longer "working" for BlogHer you will find her blogging away, keeping us all up to date on her new adventure(s)...baby, husband, house - wow, she is SuperWoman!

Elisa, Lisa, Jory and the entire BlogHer Team, and me in particular for her gentle and kind transition, wish Kristy all the joy and happiness to come.  If you would like to wish Kristy well, please do so here.