Note to Self: Yes I'm "That Mom"

It’s officially day 4 of summer vacation.  I have not completed a Pinterest calendar of age appropriate crafts geared toward creating an environment of fun and learning.  I have not created a daily chore list, assembled 48 homemade freezer meals, and I have not calendared any day trips.  In fact, I haven’t even nailed down a carpool schedule for swim practice on days I have to be to work early.   Shouldn't I have done all of this ?  Probably, but you see  I’m “that mom”  The one who tries but never quite pulls it off?  It’s not for lack of desire, I do have a significant number of NTS (notes to self) which clearly demonstrate my commitment.  So after spending the day reading a barrage of “Top Ten Summer Tips”, I’m here to be the voice for the rest of us - you know all of us  “that moms?”  

Let me start by airing the dirty laundry.  Literally.  See that picture along with this blog?  It is an actual photo of what my upstairs hallway currently looks like, and might I remind you it is only DAY 4 of summer break! After achieving olympic like hurdles over the piles (NTS: immediately crete chore chart)  I was promptly distracted by a “Mystery Diagnosis” marathon thus not creating flip flop shaped chore chart.  As a result of said tv marathon, my eldest teenage daugher believes I have that syndrome where parents try to kill their children - a fact she cross referenced on WebMD (NTS:  remind children of internet dangers).  My youngest has been eating the same meal for the past two days, and I’m dangerously low on groceries (NTS: create at least ten freezer meals).  

As I was heading to the grocery store (NTS: get ingredients for festive American Flag themed healthy snacks) I got a call from my husband who had the nerve to ask me where one of our kids was.  Truth?  I didn’t know exactly (NTS: make sunshine shaped in and out chart so we all know eachothers whereabouts) but what I did know is that she would eventually need money or food and surface.    

So I located the one child, simply told the other one I probably did have that syndrome (NTS: read all parenting blogs on how to appropriately handle fears rather than perpetuate them)  and I headed out where I promptly obtained all required summer reading, but no groceries.

Years into this parenting gig, I’m finally cutting myself some slack.  No matter how many notes to self I have, I will never be the well organized mom creating a summer of perfectly themed memories and truth be told, my kids would probably disown me if I tried.  I harbor no ill feelings towards the moms who make all that well planned summer stuff look so effortless, it’s just not me.  I’m taking a huge gamble by not only posting an actual photo of what my house looks like during summer vacation, but also by reaching out to all those like me through blog.  As I look back at the impressive amount of pool/tv/junk food time we have logged in only 4 days I am already creating multiple NTS on what I could do better in week two, all the time knowing it probably won’t happen.   I’m committing myself to being ok with that fact, and I bet if you read this far, you are too.  So to all of you I say cheers to the summer of “that mom”!



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