No-Tell Motel to the Rescue

Midnight bottle and diaper changes killing your mood?
Non-sound proofed doors making it hard to"live in the moment"?
Nowhere to unwind without teens arguing or toddlers pounding their baby sisters?

I know. Boy, do I know. With 4 kids it's hard to find the time to not-be-mom and not-be-dad. To just be a woman and her man spending quality time together.

After Damian, my third child, my husband's first, was born, we went weeks without "communing with nature".  Not that we physically couldn't. We were just too tired. And when we weren't tired, there was a bottle to make, a diaper to change, a colicky baby to soothe. Not to mention there were two tweens who also needed quality time with us in the face of new "competition" in the house.

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