Nothing Beats A .........JERSEY GIRL! we are!  No matter how old we get or where our choices lead us in life, the little girl in us lives on.

Old Jersey (me) meet New Jersey (the girls)

I got the privilege to visit the East coast, and I must say I was beyond cloud nine.  I stayed in the city and enjoyed the East side, West Side, Fifth Ave, Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center, Downtown, and everything I could fit in during my short stay.  I needed more time, as there are endless possibilities in the greatest city in the world (yes, that is my opinion)!  Next time—next visit...

On my last day I had lunch at John's Pizza in NYC. It's beautiful inside and I was enjoying the smell of Italian food, Christmas decorations, and wonderland music! It was a great way to end my trip (I thought) until I overheard the staff preparing a table for 10 people. I wasn't sure if I was happy to hear this.  More people could possibly mean more noise, but “whatever”, I thought, “prepare for the worst.”  While enjoying my Riesling and Italian sausage, mushroom, and onion pie, I noticed out of the corner of my eye a crowd coming towards me.  I did a double take, turned, and watched the parade of the most beautiful young girls I've ever seen.  The girls were stunning young beauties with age and time on their side.

I couldn’t help but smirk as I reflected back on my 20s’.  I remember the joy that comes with that age and the lack of things to really worry about.  The “girls” were a breath of fresh air and were so well behaved that I couldn’t sit and let this moment pass me by.  I got up from my chair and approached them.  I first asked them if they were from New York, they said, “No, we’re from Jersey.”  I was pleasantly surprised and exclaimed that I was also a Jersey girl.  I then asked if they were in there 20s’ and they laughed and said they were in high school.  I gave them some old school advice and wished them well…so they thought!  I returned to my seat and told my friend how sweet they were and if I had a daughter, she could have been any one of them sitting there.  I thought again about our encounter and questioned whether I should leave it at that or take a picture and write a story.  Well…here we are.

I think at times the universe puts “things” in our paths, and it’s up to us to walk on by or stop and enjoy.  I got up from my chair again, approached their table, gave them my card, and asked if they would mind taking a picture with me.  I told them I was going to write an article about “old jersey meets new jersey.”  They were adorable and we took a moment to enjoy our gift from the universe.

What can I tell you about a “Jersey Girl?”  Well, for starters: we love fashion (see pic) and look at life differently because we don’t wake up to sunshine every day.  We battle the elements and dig the trenches for our future.  We are loyal to our family and friends and extend a hand when needed to others.  We are kind to strangers (they didn’t know me) and very protective over loved ones.  We love living close to the city because we are adventurous and curious, and we are not afraid of change.  We are diversified in every way and all those components make up the brains, beauty, and kindness people see.

I lived on the East coast for 44 years.  I was born and raised in Mahwah, New Jersey and lived in New York for 17 years.  I feel completely prepared for what life has in store for me because of where I grew up (no offense to others, but Jersey girls speak their mind).  I can handle the good, the bad, and the ugly—bring it on…

I have three wonderful sons ranging in age from 18 down to 7, and I am extremely grateful and lucky to have them, but I must admit, if I went for one more (child that is) I would have loved to have a daughter.  So, I’m banking on wonderful daughters-in-law, so I could be the next Mrs. Vitale.  Mrs. Vitale was one of my boyfriend’s mothers who didn’t have a daughter and I must say she was the kindest woman who welcomed me into her family and treated me like a daughter.  She will never know the impact she had on me and how blessed and a better person I am for knowing her.

As I thanked the lovely group of girls and said goodbye, I turned to my friend and said any one of them could be have been my daughter.  We all have that East coast look and I was proud to be part of their moment.

I have to give a shout out to the moms' of these wonderful girls - job well done, ladies!

Proud to be a Jersey girl! xo, jo

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