Nothing begins with "K".

Well...every Kiss begins with "K".

I can't write a blog about eating out. I do it. I enjoy it. It happens every week, at least once. The only irony is that I was 11 years old before I ever ate dinner in a "real restaurant". Like with a wait staff etc. We were poor. It was not fun the first time because of the company but it was memorable because it was a "first".

I went with the letter theme for today. Counting only week days from May 1, I land on "K" for today.

I wrote a blog once about Kissing. Kissing is awesome. I won't rehash my previous blog...although it was also awesome....

I love to kiss. So far today, I have kissed my husband. Kissed both of my girls. It is 10:53am. I am now home alone. No more kissing opportunities for a few hours. I will soon jet to the TV to watch Y&R....surely there will be kissing on that show.

A perfectly placed kiss on a child's cheek can change your life. Most certainly it will change your mood. Usually it begins and ends every single day of my life. That's how I roll as a full time candidate for MOTY. (mother of the year)

Kissing my husband ranges from an invitation to a necessity to a habit to an apology. He interprets every kiss as an invitation...which leads to some hesitation on my part to deliver the goods....The goods as in awesome kisses. Men!

I hug my sisters and maybe kiss their cheeks. I am not opposed to the kiss...but the squeeze is better in this case. My MIL and FIL are both kissers. Cheeks and lips. It can be awkward but it's how THEY roll, so who am I to judge?

My first REAL kiss with my husband came on our 3rd REAL date. Dinner at Chez Peyo. The chef kissed me on both cheeks...crazy Frenchman. Boyd's dad happened to be eating there the same night. As we left the restaurant, I had literally JUST met his Dad; my future FIL kissed me...on the lips. I know this reads weird but it wasn't like that....I have already said he is lip kisser. Anyhow, once outside the restaurant, Boyd grabbed me and said, "How is it my dad has kissed you on the lips and I haven't"? The kiss that followed was mind bending. Weak in the knees. Right out of the movies. A panty dropper.


I. Did. Not. Drop. My. Panties.

Shocking, I know.

I think about our first kiss a lot. My daughters think their Daddy kisses like a fish. They always ask me how I like kissing him. <-----Is that weird?

He does like to pucker up...but it is for know...for the kids.

My almost teenager has told me that she is practicing her kissing on the back of her hand. She said she thinks she is going to be a great kisser. I have no doubt. She has the most beautiful Phillips lips ever. I hope her first kiss is great.

My youngest daughter said she will "never practice". That is weird to her. She will probably be fine without practicing. She has kissed 4 boys already. It is kind of her shtick. She would kiss all of Grace's friend's little brothers. Other random young boys at parties. She may be more of a mini me, than I am willing to admit.

I better keep an eye on that.....

I feel finished with this subject.  I wish my husband was home and we could make out. That would be fun. Instead I will go watch soap opera stars make out.

It's a cheap substitute but my hands are tied....not that I am into THAT type of thing. I went too far?


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