Nothing New, but Nothing Bad

I pulled off a 30 minute walk last night.  This morning I did a slow 1.6 mile walk with my kid.  I have plans of doing a Tai Bo video this afternoon, but we'll see what happens.

Eating-wise, I'm doing fine.  All good healthy foods and decent portions I think, though maybe not small enough to show any nice plummets in weight.  My pants are looser, but they're due for a wash so it doesn't really mean that much.  

Though, I do feel a bit thinner than a few weeks ago and my oversized clothes feel a bit more oversized which is a nice thing.  Who wants oversized clothes feeling snug!

Not such great sleep the last two nights and I can feel it today.  I miss those old younger years where I thought I could function well on less sleep.  Now, I'm not fooled and really need and want that sleep.

And that's where I'm at.  Nothing new, but nothing bad.  Just keep plugging along.

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