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I'm checking in with a somewhat progress-free update.  I thought I would have my rainbow blankie done this week, but I forgot that I was going out of town for work.  Unfortunately, I lost that night for knitting (although I did get to meet the insanely adorable 3-month-old baby who I gave Penrose to -- so far, she's totally worth the trouble).  I decided to pick up stitches along each edge of the blanket, do 10 garter ridges, and then pick up stitches between the garter ridges to make mitred squares.  I left the stitches open on each of the rectangles and I'm going around now doing a double crochet bind-off.  Since I'm dealing with more than 1000 stitches in teeny-tiny black yarn, the bind-off is taking a while.  I'm hoping to have it done this weekend, but either the movements or the pregnancy are making my carpal tunnel issues flare, so I have to take it easy.  I'm planning to have new pictures for you guys early next week, though.  A girl can dream, right? Here's a picture in progress:

No, I don't know why my apartment looks like heaven.  I didn't use weird filters or anything.  The magical blankie must just glow. I'm also making progress on Irish Moss.  I finished a pattern repeat while I was travelling, so I'm now 50% done!  Not bad for a year's work (wait, yes, that is pretty bad for a year's work).  I'm developing a schedule that I think will get it finished for Christmas - wish me luck.


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