Notion To Feasting



From conception to consumption my meals are thought of, planned, and prepared… I imagine what the meal or meals should look like, how it should smell, and what it would taste like. I envision everyone’s reaction, and hope that an acknowledgement is expressed.

On the most part I get the result that I aim for; so far not too many complaints, and at times the observations are not what I had anticipated, sometimes nothing … like crickets (insert cricket sound here) then other times I get wonderful compliments of gratitude and appreciation.

The truth is, although adulation and praise is a great desire – my intent to nourish, to inform, is not meant to feed my ego but to provide everyone with a moment of contentment. 

This is what I endure and don’t enjoy. I do this because I want to, not for praise. Therefore, out on a limb, I crawl back to the table, I sigh, smile, and share what I know generously without a want of anything.




Mangia, Mangia…No Talk!!!