EWPH’s response to Grimes’ response to criticism from dogmatic asshole vegans


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Last week, Grimes (Claire Boucher) got really excited about Ben & Jerry’s new ice cream flavor, Scotchy Scotch Scotch. So she posted a photo of herself on Tumblr, enjoying said  ice cream flavor, during a “1 day hiatus from vegansim.”

Apparently, a vegan Grimes fan was pretty unhappy about her decision:

Are you actually fucked? What the fuck is a ’one day hiatus from veganism’ mate? A one day hiatus on compassion? Just one day where you’re like ’whoops gonna consume something that was stolen from you and your young because HIATUS MAN’…… FUCK YOU.

Since then, fellow Claire has been involved in an internet back-and-forth, in which the general public (including Diiv) has gotten all outta wack over the short breakage of her typically animal-free lifestyle.

From this Claire’s perspective, there are two ways of looking at the situation:

  1. Grimes is setting a double standard for what it means to live compassionately—that doing so is only necessary when it’s easy.
  2. Grimes is living proof that a more accessible, less judgmental or rigid form of veganism exists.

I totally side with the second viewpoint, and take a solid stand with Team Grimes on this one.

Both sides of the argument hold serious validity. By choosing to purchase a pint of B&J, Grimes is directly supporting a company and industry that exploits animals* and furthers the general public’s sugar addiction. 

But she’s also highlighting her day-to-day lifestyle in a much more inviting way—by admitting to fans that she’s not a “perfect” vegan, and that not being a “perfect” vegan is totally okay:

I like to encourage people towards a type of veganism that is inviting and accepting. For the longest time I was vegan but I just wouldn’t say I was because of the bad reputation of veganism. most of the vegans i know are dogmatic assholes, and it completely turns people off.

My brand of veganism is one wherein if your grandparents have no idea what you are talking about then you eat their beef stew rather than upset or confuse them.

Can homegirl get an AMEN, or what? Really, though, Grimes focuses on the much bigger picture here—that the key to spreading practice of a compassionate, healthy lifestyle is through inclusion and the occasional acceptance of imperfection, notthrough religious adherence to the point of isolation.

Does this mean that we all need to sprint to the supermarket rightnow for a few gallons of cheap ice cream? Of course not. But it does mean that when your best friend offers you a bowl of her signature (beef-filled) chili, or when your roommate surprises you with cookies, it’s probably okay to accept the generosity. After all, what’s more likely to spark change in the long run: acceptance (or a polite, VERY appreciative decline), or anger/disgust at your loved ones’ lack of awareness about the inner workings of a complex, well-marketed industry?



*Though Grimes mentions in her original Tumblr response that Ben & Jerry’s cows are “treated ethically,” how truly measurable is said treatment, apart from believing the cutesy interactive infographic on the B&J website?


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