Welcome to a Month of Pies!

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Welcome to a Month of Pies! I'll be blogging every day this month on the subject of everyone's favorite circular pastry: PIE. Here's why:

  • Because I get to call it NaBloPieMo.
  • Because high mucketymucks in the food world are predicting "the new cupcake" -- pie will be big in 2011. (Quote from a mucketymuck: “This is not just sweet pies, this is savory pies, bite-sized pies. They are even blended into milkshakes." Huh.)
  • Because if the supremely awesome Evan Kleiman of Good Food can bake a pie a day, I can surely blog a pie a day.*
  • pumpkin and pecan pies

    Image: Cameron Nordholm via Flickr.

  • Because even though "easy as pie" is something of an oxymoron (I'll never understand why it's not "easy as toast"), it's also not that hard -- so why am I such a chicken about it? (Mmmm, chicken pot pie.)
  • Because the tradition of pie-naming is delicious in itself. Silk! Chiffon! Grasshopper! Shoofly! Refrigerator!
  • Because there are no such idioms as Miss American Cake, sweetie cake, patootie cake, cake in the sky, a finger in every cake, nice as cake or shut your cake hole. It's not a competition, but … advantage: pie.
  • Because it's November, and Thanksgiving's coming up, and I can't stop thinking about pie.

*Note: I am not committing to actually bake a pie a day -- but I’m starting out with one and we'll see how it goes. And alas, I am a crappy food photographer, but today I made a Pumpkin pie with walnut topping from Buns in My Oven in honor of last month's Month of Pumpkins.

It was good.

What's your favorite pie? And what do you want to talk about in this month of pies?

Julie Ross Godar aka Honeybeast

Managing Editor, BlogHer


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