Now. How do you come?

For a long time I’ve been working on this whole principle of being in the “now” and I really understand why this is a good practice to keep.

For me to achieve this state of being I must be steady in myself.  Calm.   Aware of where I am and exactly who I am.  I must become ‘the witness’ that all the gurus and teachers speak of.  Seeing the world around me and me in it.

I begin to appreciate the little things and take note of color and texture and sensation.  I absorb myself in the moment I am in.

I have come to understand that looking back and dwelling on the past is a teacher of sorts but maybe a teacher I do not need.  The lessons stored there I have no need to learn.  They do not serve me in any way but only hinder me and keep me back.  They close me in.

When I do think back and allow myself to dwell on bad and painful things they only entrench me with fear, with worry and they teach me to be un-trusting.  To become untrusting is damaging tearing and wearing one down.  True trust is that life is always giving and nurturing and strong.  I am life so therefore I am giving, nurturing and strong. Thinking any other way only makes me unhappy.

If I do choose to think back in time I will remember those things that lifted me up and made me feel good.  I will smile with fondness.  I will feel fondness warming my body.  I will feel love.  I will feel joy.  Feeling these things will always serve me well.  Feeling these feelings will enhance me and remind me how to yield myself better into the flow of where all the things I love are.

As for tomorrow, tomorrow never comes.  ‘The future is not ours to see’, the songs they sing it.  This ever expanding space of time with me in it is wide open, a playing field.  It makes no sense to waste my ‘now’ imagining what some person will say, do or think about me.  To sit listening to dialogue inside my head of how awful my life will be means not only do I have to suffer through my imagined foreseeable future but I suffer through it ‘now’ meaning I get two for the price of one out of the deal.

If I must think about the future then using my imagination and being creative is of great value.  Imagining and feeling life flowing through me and around me in new ways, creating new experiences and exploring ways of being that open up new worlds and horizons that brings me value, truth and trust.  To fill up with wonder, ideas and the life generating force well that’s a worthwhile expenditure of my time, my thoughts and any effort required to be there. Experiencing the joy of being a creator that is a ‘now’ I like to be in.

So for me I will stay in the ‘now’.  I will wash the dishes and watch the dishes get cleaner; I will chew my food and taste all the flavor it has to give me.  I will look at people and see them with loving eyes.  I will look at colors and at nature.  I think that the sky is blue if it is blue, or that’s its cloudy if it’s cloudy, I think it’s raining or snowing or whatever else it could be doing.  I think it’s fine. I think I am fine.  It’s all ok.  It’s supposed to be.  Even those things that I used to think were sad they are fine to.

I’ve noticed that when the things we actually fear are happening to us we know what to do, we get through it.  I have stood by loved ones in terrible conditions, in tragedies beyond compare and in those moments, even then if you are there in them, if you are present and aware, if you are in the  ‘now’, you bring life and meaning to the moment.  You bring wellness with you where ever you go.  You are a rock in the temptress, a refuge in the storm.   You are life and breath.  You know that there really is a time and season to everything and that it’s really ok.  That you are ok.   Life keeps going.

And finally I have applied the ‘now’ to the people in my life.  Like when you come to me I don’t care what you did yesterday, I don’t care what you did a year ago, a decade ago.  I care about you; I care about what you are doing right now, today. Do you come wearing a smile?  Do you come with your best self forward?  Are you tender?  Are you open?  Are you kind?  Cause if you are then ‘now’ is where I want to be.

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