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I love my Sundays. They allow me to regroup and make sense of the week before, which seemed to go way too quickly. They’re good for something else, too. Prepping good food.

This week I learned mucho from Stephanie O’Dea, the slow-cooking queen and author of A Year of Crockpotting (and a new upcoming book!), who brought me into a world more organized than my own, but that actually isn’t as impossible to live in as I thought. Just think: If you prep foods once per grocery trip and pop them into the slow cooker once a week, you could eat well every day. So Stephanie has attained a level of preparedness I may never achieve, but she’s right: You CAN eat well with just a dash of forethought. And who woulda thunk that OJ was such a cool ingredient in soups and sauces?

Thanks in advance to Naomi from Happy to Be at Home, Tricia at Coupon Cravings, and Stefania from City Mama for your time and money-saving tips for this episode!

So what else do you want to cover in the realm of healthy eating? Let us know so we can cover it the next time we delve into nutrition. And leave us with your tips

Next week: A topic near and dear to my heart and inspired by one of our members: fitness on the road. Possible? How? Post your tips here, in video format posted to, or tag your posts on your own blog “thejuice”.