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Getting to Happy

Happy From the Get-Go: Popping My Own Terry McMillan Cherry

Let me preface this review by saying that I've never read any of Terry McMillan's books. Though the woman, undoubtedly, has a cult-like following, contemporary chick-lit was never really my thing.  Read more >

Getting To Happy: Transitions [SPOILERS]

In her book Getting to Happy, Terry McMillan brings back her characters from Waiting to Exhale, but don't let the fact that this is a sequel turn you away from it. I very vaguely remember reading the first book, never saw the movie made from it, and I still enjoyed this book tremendously.  Read more >

Meeting Old Friends in Getting To Happy [SPOILERS]

As much as I wanted to love Getting to Happy, the sequel to Waiting to Exhale (many hours spent singing along to *that* soundtrack...) it reminded me a lot of the second Sex and the City movie -- the long awaited to follow up on four wonderful women that just... fell flat.  Read more >

A Good Way of Getting to Happy

Getting to Happy by Terry McMillan starts out with four best friends, Savannah, Bernadine, Robin, and Gloria, struggling in life around age 50. They all were hit with major D’s: divorce, depression, death, denial, and distress. The friends all go through major life changing events and they all have to work their way back to being happy. The book is their journey to that happiness.  Read more >

I Loved the Humor in Getting to Happy [SPOILERS]

Getting to Happy is not the kind of book I’d normally choose to read -- novels about middle aged women dealing with divorce and the disappointments of “real life” aren’t really my thing. I’m more someone that gravitates toward stories of great adventure and achievement and if two people weave a love story through the pages, that’s a definite added bonus for me.  Read more >

A New Chapter In Life: Getting to Happy

How fitting that I received the copy of Terry McMillan's Getting to Happy, the week following the finalization of my divorce!! True story, I promise!! I realize this is not a self-help book on actually getting me happy; however, there was so much that I could personally relate to in this book.  Read more >

Happy About Getting to Happy

Am I a woman of a certain age now? Because when Terry McMillan's bestseller Waiting to Exhale came out (in 1992), I was just about the same age as the characters (Bernadine, Gloria, Savannah and Robin). Now that the long-awaited sequel, Getting to Happy is finally here... the women and I are all pushing 50. How did that happen?  Read more >

Still Getting to Happy [SPOILERS]

I should have known "Getting to Happyy" meant that even though we were hopeful for these women 15 years ago, they weren't quite happy yet. Terry McMillan's Getting to Happy reunites us with the girls from Waiting to Exhale, now in their 50's.  Read more >

Something About Terry McMillan's Getting To Happy

Savannah, Bernadine, Robin, and Gloria have made their comeback. I suppose that the author, Terry McMillan, had grown tired of these gals after having such a huge success with Waiting to Exhale the book and the movie. After-all, "waiting to exhale" is a tag line now when folks are attempting to share that they are attempting to push through trials in their lives and move on.  Read more >

Getting to Happy is a Good Reminder to Pursue Happiness Wholeheartedly!

The women from Terry McMillan's acclaimed book, Waiting to Exhale, are back in her much anticipated novel, Getting to Happy. McMillan picks up the storyline fifteen years later as her four main characters, Robin, Gloria, Savannah and Bernadine have flourished and floundered through life.  Read more >