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Getting to Happy

Gettng to Happy by Terry McMillian - Does it Get You Happy? [SPOILERS]

Getting to Happy by Terry McMillanWaiting to Exhale when I was in high school, but I don’t remember too much about it, so going into this book I could not remember any of the character’s names.  Read more >

Getting to Happy Worked for Me

Confession: I never read Waiting to Exhale , but when I was offered a copy of the sequel, Getting to Happy, to review, I didn’t hesitate. In fact, I had never even read anything by Terry McMillan before (despite the fact that she once lived about 30 miles from my hometown, and was a PRETTY big deal in the thumb of Michigan).  Read more >

Getting to Happy in a Book and in Real Life

After finishing a load of dishes and putting away a mammoth size pile of the kids' laundry, I sat down on the couch to read Getting to Happy by Terry McMillann. Life with a 3 and 5 year old is....crazy. We are always on the go, there is always something to clean, and my “me” time is never filled with things I would really enjoy doing.  Read more >

Nurturing Friendships in Getting to Happy

Happiness is the ever elusive goal of the four heroines of Getting to Happy, the sequel to Terry McMillan's best-selling novel Waiting to Exhale .  Long-term happiness, however, is not found in men, or careers, or clothes, or even in the lifelong, sisterly bond they share, as Savannah, Robin, Bernardine, and Gloria discover as they journey along the bumpy road of existence.  Read more >

Getting to Happy is a Must-Read for Waiting to Exhale Fans

My earliest encounters with women’s fiction came via hand-me-down paperbacks from my aunt during my teen years. I had read Terry McMillan's Mama and was fascinated by the author’s fearless use of imperfection in her characters. This wasn’t the fluffy, escapist teen lit I was used to. Shortly after, I learned that there was a film based on another novel by McMillan -- Waiting to Exhale. I saw it as a teen, though it was an interesting story, but really didn’t “get it” until I grew up.  Read more >

Getting to Happy Was Like Meeting Up With Old Friends

I was so much younger with Waiting to Exhale came out in the movies, and now I am reading the sequel Getting to Happy by Terry McMillan for Blogher Book Club.  Read more >

Getting to Happy Isn't Easy [SPOILERS]

I have never read Terry McMillan's Waiting to Exhale, which is the prequel to her latest book, Getting to Happy. So when I first began ‘Getting to Happy’, I was worried that this lack of background knowledge of Savannah, Robin, Gloria and Bernadine, the four best friends these books center around, would really hurt my ability to enjoy the story.  Read more >

Relating to Gloria in Getting To Happy [SPOILERS]

Terry McMillan's latest novel, Getting to Happy, is the long awaited sequel to her 1992 best seller, Waiting to Exhale, and tells the story of four fifty-ish best friends who are at a crossroads as they face divorce, grief, drug addiction, and loneliness.  Read more >

"Getting to Happy"? Happy to Get It [SPOILERS]

Alright, true confession time. When the email came through asking if I wanted to review Terry McMillan's Getting to Happy, I didn't actually read the description. I signed up thinking it was a self-help book. When it arrived, I realized my mistake: "A sequel to a book I've never read? What was I thinking! Who are these characters?"  Read more >

Is This Getting to Happy?

If you have ever found yourself at a point in life where you are just not happy, where things have not turned out the way you thought despite all of your hard work, or in a relationship that is not giving you what you had hoped for, then maybe Getting to Happy by Terry McMillan is for you.  Read more >