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Getting to Happy

Getting to Happy Was Not So Happy

I went into this reading this book by Terry McMillan thinking that it was a self-help book. With a title of Getting to Happy, how could it not be? As I read on, I realized that this was not that kind of book at all. In all honesty, it was a little hard to get past the first chapter because of all the vulgar language.  Read more >

Getting to Happy: Finding Happiness Admist Chaos

The road to happy may not be an easy one, in fact they are lots of twists and bumps along the way. Sometimes it is those twists that make us realize what is really important in our lives. In Terry McMillan's book, Getting to Happy, we are there for the women from Waiting to Exhale : Savannah, Robin, Gloria, and Bernadine's bumpy travels towards the hope of happiness.  Read more >

Getting to Happy: Beyond 'Happy Ever After'

When most stories end with "...and they lived happy ever after." Terry McMillan in Getting to Happy starts hers with the realities beyond this point. This is what happens when Prince Charming isn't all that. Or, when your Prince turns out to be a toad.  Read more >

Getting to Happy Shows Women Really Can Overcome Anything

The day my copy of Getting to Happy was delivered to my house, I was so excited I actually screamed, “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!” at the UPS man, who just so happened to be standing at my front and was both startled and confused.  Read more >

Getting to Happy: Good Friends Get You Through the Rough Patches

Terry McMillan's breezy conversational tone makes the book read like meeting up with your best friends to share the content of their complicated lives. Over coffee at Gloria's kitchen table. Choosing wedding gowns with Bernadine. Sharing lunch with Robin. Or sipping mojitos on Savannah's luxurious deck.  Read more >

Getting to Happy Takes Work

Before Sex and the City fans strapped on stilettos and sipped on Cosmopolitans like the characters from the series, there was another girlfriend foursome women adored. Bernadine, Savannah, Gloria and Robin captivated readers in 1992 when Terry McMillan's novel Waiting to Exhale debuted. The story about these four, single women in their 30s was a literary phenomenon. McMillan gave the world an honest and fun look at black women, relationships and love.  Read more >

Friendship is the Key to Getting to Happy

I never read Waiting to Exhale . I never saw the movie. Now, after reading Terry McMillan's sequel, I’m thinking I missed out on something special. In Getting to Happy, McMillan has introduced me to four women living lives that are much like mine -- messed up, complicated, confusing… and wonderful.  Read more >

Getting to Happy: Reuiniting With Old Friends

It had been a long time since I'd read Waiting to Exhale. I was excited to read McMillan's sequel, Getting to Happy, and admittedly a bit apprehensive. Would I still feel the kinship to Bernadine, Robin, Gloria and Savannah that I had felt years ago? Would the characters still resonate with me? I was in a different place in my life back then, and so were the women around whom the books revolve.  Read more >

Getting to Happy: You'll Be Able To Relate To These Characters

I have always wanted to read a book by Terry McMillan. Everyone I know that has read one of her books says nothing but great things about them. I was a little apprehensive about reading Getting to Happy though, because I had not read Waiting to Exhale and was really unsure if I'd connect to character who already had such a deep history.  Read more >