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Girl in Translation

Girl in Translation Draws You in and Doesn't Let Go [SPOILERS]

I haven't written a book report in 16 years. I love to read. I always have. I love works of fiction, but I love stories that blend fact and fiction together even more. Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok does just that.  Read more >

Girl in Translation: I Couldn't Put it Down

Girl in Translation is a beautiful, riveting story about a young girl named Kimberly Chang and her journey as she moves from her homeland of Hong Kong to Brooklyn, New York. After the death of her Father and her mother's health issues, Kimberly's mother decides to come to New York in search of a better life for them. Kimberly's aunt and husband live in New York and promise them a home and work.  Read more >

Girl in Translation: Choosing Your Path

Imagine your mother, once wiping the spots from the silverware at a restaurant, now crushing cockroaches before they got to your food on the kitchen table. This is the new life Kim and her mother have begun, and they count themselves lucky.  Read more >

Girl in Translation: Memories of My Own Translations

I recently read Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok. This book really hit close to home for me. Being the daughter of a Mexican immigrant, I understand -- I had to speak up for my mom, too. I often had to explain why my mom could not participate in certain activities. I often had to cope with the fact that I did not have a lot of things that other kids had. The way Kimberly was feeling really brought me back in time.  Read more >

Girl in Translation: The Lot of a Child Forced to Move

In her debut novel, Girl in Translation, Jean Kwok takes us on a moving journey that weaves the themes of family ties, culture shock and young love into a rich coming-of-age tapestry.  Read more >

Girl in Translation: Dipping Into a New Culture

I was born an American citizen. I grew up on a farm, wanting for nothing. My tummy was always full. I had toys to play with. I received a good education with teachers who really cared about me. My home was warm in the winter, cool in the summer. I was surrounded by my parents and extended family who engulfed me in love.  Read more >

Girl in Translation: Learning to Live in Our New Countries

I'm married to an immigrant. As I read deeper and deeper into Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok, I found myself able to empathize on a number of smaller points.  Read more >

Girl in Translation: Necessity, Love and Desire Explained

It seemed almost destiny that the e-mail to do a book review for the Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok came as I was getting ready to check out at Costco after having put the exact same book in my cart to buy. The reward to this “destiny?” A book that was hard to put down, one in which I felt connected to the character, and the wish the book was longer.  Read more >

Girl In Translation Translates Well

I first read Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok back in June last year.  Read more >

Girl in Translation: New York Through the Eyes of Kimberly Chang

Girl in Translation is the kind of book I can't get enough of. I was fortunate enough to receive the book before a three day weekend because I might have had to call in sick in order to finish reading it. Jean Kwok  Read more >