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Girl in Translation

Girl in Translation Hits a Button for This Adoptive Parent

I’m the mother of an internationally-adopted child, so the premise of Girl in Translation -- a young emigrant is torn between two cultures -- instantly appealed to me. As a mom, one of my biggest fears is that I’m not correctly walking the line between honoring my daughter’s birth culture and the American culture in which she now lives. Sometimes I’m not even sure where the line is.  Read more >

Girl in Translation Moved Me

I want my books to move me. Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok did just that.  Read more >

I Fell Headlong Into Girl in Translation

As I reached for my paperback copy of Jean Kwok's Girl In Translation, I noticed that the cover was an intriguing shade of aqua blue -- reminiscent of an inviting pool of refreshing water. Then I began to read, and fell headlong into the pool of this engrossing story.  Read more >

Girl in Translation is Not a Fairy Tale

Girl in Translation, by Jean Kwok , tells the semi-autobiographical story about a girl named Kimberly Chang and her mother who emigrate from Hong Kong to Brooklyn. Due to family debts from the immigration and a lack of employment, her mother begins working in a sweatshop.  Read more >

Girl in Translation Is My New Favorite Recommendation

The reality of Kim and her mother's situation in Girl in Translation, by Jean Kwok is disheartening at best and downright heartbreaking at worst. The freezing nights and disgusting living conditions make the reader hurt for Kim's family.  Read more >

"Nobody in America Lives Like This," Except They Do

Jean Kwok Girl in Translation is fiction, but clearly there are characters and incidents drawn from her own childhood. The main character, Kimberly Chang, is a new immigrant from Hong Kong who works in a sweatshop -- much like Kwok as a child.  Read more >

Kimberly Rises From the Ashes in Girl in Translation

I sat down to start Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok one evening before bed, figuring I'd read a few chapters, then go to sleep. Hours later, I closed the last page, glanced at the clock and discovered it was three o'clock in the morning. Now, 3am isn't ideal when you have to wake up with kids in the morning, but it speaks volumes about how compelling a novel might be.  Read more >

Love, Sacrifice and Faith in Girl in Translation

At age five, the author of Girl in Translation,Jean Kwok moved with her family from Hong Kong to a New York City slum. Now a Harvard-educated mom, she has beautifully woven some of her experiences into this part fairy tale, part autobiography.  Read more >

Get Lost Inside Jean Kwok's Girl in Translation

There are very few books that immediately upon opening, I can’t put down. Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok was one of those few books. From the moment pre-teen Kimberly first steps in the new country of America, she instantly has to put aside part of her cherished childhood, and struggle with her mother’s to make it in a new and foreign place.  Read more >

Girl in Translation: What would I sacrifice for a better life?

The first time I read the summary of Girl in Translation, by Jean Kwok, I knew immediately that it was a book that I wanted to read. Girl in Translation is the story of Kimberly, an 11-year-old girl who emigrates from Hong Kong with her mother, in the hopes of finding a better life in the United States.  Read more >