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Girl in Translation

Girl In Translation is a Great American Tale

Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok was a true expression. It is a real treat to follow line by line. Kwok writes in such a manner that it is easy to become engulfed in her knack for literary brilliance. You turn pages not even realizing that you are in a book, for hours you are taken in which is my capstone for a good read.  Read more >

Girl in Translation: Discovering Her Voice

When someone is forced to live in two different worlds, is it possible for her to truly fit into either of them? Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok follows Kimberly Chang as she and her mother struggle to fulfill the promise of success in America.  Read more >

Girl in Translation: Between Two Worlds

Sometimes someone can surprise you with the life they live behind the scenes -- in just how different it is from the life you see them live every day. Such is the story with Kimberly Chang, the heroine in Girl in Translation, Jean Kwok's semi-autobiographical novel about a Chinese immigrant girl from Hong Kong living in New York.  Read more >

Girl in Translation: A Lose Yourself and Get Nothing Else Done Kind of Book!

When I was sent a book to review called Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok I could tell within the first 10 pages that I wasn’t going to get anything done that day. My own translation: I won the book lottery.  Read more >

Jean Kwok Gives the Stereotypical Immigrant Story a Frank, New Twist (SPOILERS)

Kimberly Chang, the main character in Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok knows who she is. She comprehends her immigrant status, understands her veil of poverty, and openly flounders in a distinctly Western world as an average Chinese immigrant. And yet, there is something intriguingly different about Kimberly.  Read more >

Girl In Translation: Inspired by hardships

In Girl in Translation, Jean Kwok exposed the trails of life of “mother and cub” immigrants from Hong Kong attempting to become successful in America. Kwok offers a peek into this different world through the eyes of Kimberly Chang, a bright, spunky and determined young lady.  Read more >

The Americanization of Kimberly Chang: Jean Kwok's Girl in Translation

I was there with her, that Girl in Translation. I walked the streets of Brooklyn, wearing a too-thin jacket on my way to school. I rode the subway, studying as we traveled to Aunt Paula's factory. I froze in the roach-riddled apartment and lusted after Matt. I worried and I protected Ma and I was smart. I was very, very smart.  Read more >

Becoming Friends with Girl in Translation

I did not want Girl in Translation to end. Seriously, I wish I were reading it right now. It was so easy to slip into the world of Kimberly Chang, thanks to  Read more >

Girl in Translation: So this is America

Girl in Translation, the semi-autobiographical debut novel from Jean Kwok, is a work of Dickensian magnitude set in late 20th century Manhattan. Written with delicacy and power, it tells the story of a young Chinese girl Kim Chang and her mother who immigrate to New York City from Hong Kong. With little English and no knowledge or understanding of American ways, Kim and Mrs. Chang are completely at the mercy of their relatives. Location  Read more >

Girl in Translation: You Go, Girl!

Oh, I enjoyed this book! I enjoyed it so much I've already recommended Jean Kwok's Girl in Translation to co-workers. See, I'm a teen librarian who's spent the last 4 years working in a poor neighborhood in Queens, surrounded by really bright kids who shoulder the burden of being the only English speakers in their households.  Read more >