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A Jane Austen Education

Jane Austen: I'm Still Not a Fan

I wasn’t sure William Deresiewicz's A Jane Austen Education was the right book for me to review. Unlike most women of my generation who grew up on Victorian novels and majored in English, I’ve never been a fan of Jane Austen. I wondered if Deresiewicz could change my mind about Jane Austen or at least convince me I should give her another chance.  Read more >

How Jane Austen Helped Author William Deresiewicz to "Man-Up"

William Deresiewicz liked to think of himself as a rebel, but Jane Austen showed him a new path.  Read more >

A True "Jane-ite" Tells Us What Really Matters in A Jane Austen Education

Reading Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is almost like a rite of passage for every young, 20-something female. If you haven't read it by the time you've finished high school, you're bound to delve in when you hit your college years. It's almost iconic, for us girls. But it turns out the boys can glean a little from it, too.  Read more >

Facing the Gritty Truth: William Deresiewicz's Journey to Love

A Jane Austen Education is as much a record of William Deresiewicz's journey through self improvement as it is an in-depth analysis of Jane Austen’s novels. That he was able to tie his personal growth to some of my favorite literary characters made it an engaging read.  Read more >

William Deresiewicz: A Memoir for the Jane Austen Fan

When I started reading A Jane Austen Education by William Deresiewicz my first instinct was that the author was only jumping on what is certainly an All-Things-Austen bandwagon that we have seen as of late... not unlike the All-Things-Vampire phase from the past few years.  Read more >

A Jane Austen Education for the Unbeliever

In A Jane Austen Education, William Deresiewicz chronicles his adventures in mining Austen’s novels, as well as distilling what he found into distinct categories: everyday matters, growing up, learning to learn, being good, true friends, and falling in love.  Read more >

A Jane Austen Education: A Review of a Review (Spoilers!)

A Jane Austen Education by William Deresiewicz, is in essence a very long book review. Of course this makes sense as Mr. Deresiewicz is book reviewer and former professor of English at Yale.  Read more >

A Jane Austen Education: Even More Than I Learned From Clueless

I think whether you're a true Jane Austen afficianado, or simply enjoy related works like I do, you'll enjoy A Jane Austen Education.  Read more >

A Jane Austen Education: Educating the Educated (Spoilers!)

What struck me at the beginning of A Jane Austen Education was: "How can a pompous literary student allow himself to be taught anything?" With razor-sharp self awareness and cynicism, William Deresiewicz's first tears himself apart for the reader's enjoyment, then puts himself back together again under the subtle ingenious words of Ms. Austen.  Read more >

A Jane Austen Education: Timeless Lessons From Yesterday That Still Apply (Spoilers!)

When I received the book A Jane Austen Education by William Deresiewicz for review, I admit I was skeptical. While the notion of reading classics is very appealing -- I honestly have read only a handful or two. It seems that the latest bestsellers often get in the way of my best intentions.  Read more >