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A Jane Austen Education

A Jane Austen Education: Love Doesn't Just Happen

Have you ever come out of a situation and thought to yourself “why did I have to go through that?” Most people find themselves going through a couple unfavorable situations before learning one of life’s many lessons. And who would have thought one would find it through the writings of someone two decades before their time?  Read more >

Jane Austen, Life Coach? - Reviewing A Jane Austen Education

Is it possible to find a road map for our modern lives in the pages of Jane Austen’s 19th century novels?  Read more >

William Deresiewicz and Jane Austen: An Almost Likeable Combination

A bit of confusion regarding A Jane Austen Education by William Deresiewicz. Do you agree?  Read more >

A Jane Austen Education: Everyone Has a Story, But No One Fits In

I started out reading A Jane Austen Education by William Deresiewicz thinking I already knew everything there was to know about Austen and her works. I had been enthralled with her works in high school and college, spouting off random quotations and life comparisons at college parties. Not only did that fail to win me friends, but I learned why by reading this book by Deresiewicz.  Read more >

Humble and Simple Lessons in A Jane Austen Education from an Initially Unlikeable Character (Spoilers!)

One of the most important things that reminded me of through A Jane Austen Education is that I do not always have to be highly entertained and instantly enamored to learn something lasting, strong, and immense. There is quite the simple joy in that learning.  Read more >

A Jane Austen Education: Why I Don't Hate William Anymore

Not that he would have cared, but if I had met William Deresiewicz, author of A Jane Austen Education, when he was 26, I would have disliked him very much. I’d seen far too many versions of him on several college campuses and knew that if we had met at a party, he would have taken one disdainful look at me and then moved on. The dismissive attitude would have been mutual.  Read more >

Rusty Bicycle Pumps and A Jane Austen Education

Does William Deresiewicz know what he's talking about in A Jane Austen Education? Let's discuss.  Read more >

A Comic Transformation: 19th Century Lady Teaches 21st Century Dude How to Behave

Although Jane Austen wrote the following statement regarding a military policy essay, it applies to William Deresiewicz's A Jane Austen Education quite fittingly, “A book which I protested against at first, but which upon trial I find delightfully, written & highly entertaining.”  Read more >

Have You Ever Read a Novel That Really Moved You? William Deresiewicz Did. (Spoilers)

Have you ever read a novel that really moved you? Have you ever read a book that forced you to step back and reflect on some aspect of your own life? Have you ever read a chapter or a paragraph that seemed to make you question the decisions of your past or the future trajectory of your life? Well that’s exactly what happened to William Deresiewicz.  Read more >

Love & A Jane Austen Education

Is love a choice? I've always thought so, and apparently so did Jane Austen. I didn't realize her books were so connected by this theme until I read A Jane Austen Education by William Deresiewicz.  Read more >