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Recent Comments on Book Club

What Happened to Goodbye

What Happened to Goodbye: Change Your Name, Change Yourself?

If you change your clothes, your make-up, your name, who do you see when you look in the mirror? Sarah Dessen's What Happened to Goodbye explores Mclean Sweet’s journey back to herself as she discovers changing what lies beneath the reflection in the mirror is harder than it seems.  Read more >

The Question of Identity in What Happened to Goodbye

I love Sarah Dessen. Her novels are so well written. As an adult reader, I wish I had had books like Sarah Dessen's when I was a part of the target age demographic. Being from a divorced family, I can completely relate to Mclean. Her parents' divorce was tumultuous, and she is just coming through to the other side of that storm when this novel begins.  Read more >

What Happened to Goodbye Reminded Me Why I'm A Dessen Fan!

It’s perhaps a bit hard to be objective about a Sarah Dessen book because she is one of my top five favorite authors. I have read all ten of her books (several of them multiple times) and recommend them far and wide.  I see Sarah Dessen’s books as some of the best examples about what I love about Young Adult literature.  Read more >

What Happened to Goodbye is a Good Summer Read for Your Teenager

I was very excited when I found out the book club would be reading a Sarah Dessen book. My teenage daughter, Camille, and I have read several of her book in the past and enjoyed them. What I like about Sarah Dessen’s books is they are always thought provoking and there is always a lesson you can take away from the books, it’s like a bonus.  Read more >

What Happened To Goodbye? Fried Pickles and the Many Nicknames for Elizabeth

Before I read What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen, I had no idea that fried pickles were a thing. And then I started seeing them everywhere I went: at a local pub quiz, a burger joint downtown. They're delicious. And, even if you don't get as obsessed with eating food you read about as I do (I still regret Turkish delight) you should give both this novel and fried pickles a try.  Read more >

Like McLean, I Changed Names to Become Myself

While I am 30 years old and know almost nothing about basketball, I really related to the main character -- Mclean -- in Sarah Dessen's new young adult novel, What Happened to Goodbye. One other big difference is that my parents aren't divorced -- though they've threatened and even tried a few times over the years. Still, Mclean and I would have been fast friends back in high school.  Read more >

Gee Thanks, Sarah Dessen, Now I'm Craving Fried Pickles!

After reading What Happened to Goodbye, I'm an even bigger fan of Sarah Dessen than ever before. This book rocked.  Read more >

What Happened to Goodbye: A Search for Self

Sarah Dessen's latest romp in the YA Lit world, What Happened to Goodbye, is an unaffected study of loyalty and self-identity. The novel is told exclusively from the point of view of Mclean, a young woman focused on choosing her own path after her world is rocked by the unexpected divorce of her parents.  Read more >

Sarah Dessen: Hidden Gems in a Beach Read

When I first started working on my YA novel, everyone told me to read Sarah Dessen. I downloaded one of her novels to my Kindle, but I hadn't actually read it yet when I picked up What Happened to Goodbye.  Read more >

No Easy Answers About What Happened to Goodbye

Hello? What happened to goodbye? These are both queries, yet the title of Sarah Dessen's new book, What Happened to Goodbye, appears to be a statement. There’s no question mark, leading one to assume Dessen is interested in telling a story, not necessarily offering up any answers.  Read more >