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Recent Comments on Book Club

What Happened to Goodbye

What Happened to Goodbye? Lakeview, That's What!

Sarah Dessen's story captured my attention from the very beginning. It was such an easy, pleasurable read that I didn't put it down ... and it's not often I finish a 402-page book with only breaks for beverage refills. Mclean's story was sweet and heartwrenching. On one hand I was examining her behavior like the mother I am. On the other, I was identifying with her teen angst decisions to change personality to suit the town.  Read more >

What Happened To Goodbye: There's Always a Third Option

It is hard to put my finger on What Happened to GoodbyeSarah Dessen. The story of a girl whose parents have gone through a terrible divorce, and who now travels around with her father, it could have easily fallen into melodrama and typical teenage angst. But instead, the protagonist is so relatable that you can't help but identify with her regardless of your age.  Read more >

What Happened To Goodbye Gets A Thumbs Up From This Mom

As a mother of teens, I now read YA fiction with two minds: first as a reader, and second as a parent. What Happened To Goodbye pleased me on both of these fronts. I immediately passed it along to my 15 year old daughter with a strong recommendation. She liked it as much as I did. Sarah Dessen's latest book tells the story of 17 year old Mclean. The only child of parents whose different lives and crazy work schedules ultimately led to a painful and public divorce. As her parents rebuild their lives and their homes, Mclean has to make big decisions about where she fits - and with whom.  Read more >

Say Hello to Well Written Teen Angst in What Happened to Goodbye

Everyone, at some time or another, dreams of a completely fresh start. Somewhere new, unknown, where you can be anyone and do anything. New personality, new job, new hobbies…even new name. In Sarah Dessen's teen novel What Happened to Goodbye Mclean Sweet gets to live out this little dream, over and over again.  Read more >

What Happened to Goodbye: Realistic Characters, Compelling Story

From the first page, I could relate to the main character in Sarah Dessen's latest novel, What Happened to Goodbye. Like Mclean, I moved a lot when I was younger. Each move offered the chance to start fresh in another location, knowing nobody.  Read more >

What Happened to Goodbye: The Challenge of Starting Over

I must say, I was first drawn to reading and reviewing Sarah Dessen's What Happened to Goodbye because it was labeled as teen lit. I often times find teen characters to show a new interesting perspective as well as take me back down memory lane.  Read more >

Sarah Dessen Serves Up Touching Life Lessons in What Happened to Goodbye

My daughters often have their noses between the pages of a Sarah Dessen book and I was looking forward to reading her newest book, What Happened to Goodbye, so I could get a taste of what my daughters have been reading. In her tenth book, Dessen chooses a scenario I think we have all probably dreamed about at one time or another… starting over with a clean slate.  Read more >

A Young Adult Book That's Fun For Adults Too

What Happened to Goodbye follows the standard Sarah Dessen plot but I happen to really enjoy this plot. Here's where I confess to a total fangirl love of Dessen that I've had for a good decade. I started reading her books back when I was in high school -- young enough to relate to her spunky-yet-troubled teenage heroines. And I still love them as a card-carrying grown-up even though now I have more in common with the parents than the girls.  Read more >

What Happened to Goodbye is Not Just for Young Adults

What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen was a surprisingly enjoyable summer read that I just couldn’t put down. It may be labeled as a young adult novel, but any woman who has struggled with discovering who she really is can relate to the book’s main character, Mclean.  Read more >

A Letter to Mclean

Mclean, I wanted to take a moment to say “Thank You.” I wanted to say “Thank You” for a whole bunch of reasons, truly. Thank you for being relatable. But more so, thank you for doing so in a way that wouldn’t be classified as obnoxious or obvious. I saw a lot of myself in you, even though we are more than a decade apart in age.  Read more >