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Recent Comments on Book Club

What Happened to Goodbye

The Life of an American Teenager: What Happened to Goodbye

In a culture where girls like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Brittney Spears rule the media, it’s a challenge to find real girls. Sarah Dessen's novel, What Happened to Goodbye, gives us a real girl with real problems and real feelings.  Read more >

What Happened To Goodbye Might Remind You of Judy Blume

What Happened to Goodbye is a frothy summer read that takes on some serious issues teens face when they're about growing up. There aren't any vampires, werewolves or faeries, but that shouldn't dampen the appeal of Sarah Dessen's latest novel for teens and tweens. She has a solid understanding of the problems that real teens are facing in contemporary society.  Read more >

What Happened to Goodbye? Hello Good Read!

I'm tired of reading Facebook posts from friends about the latest deep, obscure Oprah-approved book devoid of any real dialogue. I'm convinced people read those books just to impress their friends. I'm a mom to a 3 year old and a 5 year old (who -- by the way -- are both running circles around me as I type this review!) and I don't have time to read modern day classics just to prove my intellect.  Read more >

What Happened to Goodbye: A Coming of Age Story

Most of us have read bad young adult fiction, full of stock characters (the Snobby Cheerleader, the Awkward Outsider, the Gorgeous Jock) and generic plotlines. What Happened to Goodbye, by Sarah Dessen, is (thankfully) not bad YA fiction. Instead, it's full of more complex characters, and a believable plot to which many high school girls will readily relate.  Read more >

I Didn't Want to Say Goodbye to What Happened to Goodbye!

Mclean is a typical teenage girl in What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen, smacking headfirst into the ancient conundrum of identity. Her parents went through a bitter divorce after her mother cheated on her father with a famous and wealthy basketball coach. This has left her floundering and torn between loyalty to her father and the love of her mother.  Read more >

Say Hello To What Happened To Goodbye

It's been many years since I last picked up a young adult novel, but I'm glad that I had the chance to read this one. In What Happened to Goodbye, author Sarah Dessen has reminded me why I find this genre of literature so interesting.  Read more >

Mclean Sweet: Not Perfect, But Perfectly Written

Mclean Sweet, the main character in Sarah Dessen's latest novel What Happened to Goodbye, might be the world's most perfect teenager.  Read more >

What Happened to Goodbye: Good One for the Beach

What Happened to Goodbye is a quick read and a pleasant way to pass the time, but ultimately, a forgettable YA (Young Adult) novel. I would consider it a good beach read, but you would have no problem leaving behind when the vacation is over. On the plus side, it’s obvious Sarah Dessen is a talented writer and the story flows right along.  Read more >

I'd Recommend What Happened To Goodbye to My 8th Grade Girls [SPOILERS]

I spent seven years of my life teaching middle school language arts. What Happened to Goodbye, by Sarah Dessen, is exactly the type of book that I would recommend to my 8th grade girls.  Read more >

A Simple Summer Read: What Happened to Goodbye

What Happened to Goodbye is a simple story about a girl whose parents divorce after the mother has an affair and how Mclean copes with her new life. She now lives with her father who is constantly moving for his job and each new place she changes to a new version of herself. That is until she remembers exactly who she is and begins to merge it with who she is becoming.  Read more >