Sexual Responsibility and The Post-Breakup "Surprise" Kid

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I was in a long term relationship and during a relationship hiatus, he knocked up a chick who works at a mall kiosk. Wow. And she actually had a boyfriend at the time (who stayed with her) Now, that $3 condom seems golden compared to the $1100/mo plus insurance and lawyer’s fees he’s paying. Maybe that will speak to you. I really don’t want to launch in to HIV statistics.

If your performance isn’t that great with a condom, it most likely won’t be stellar when you’re dirt poor, waking up in the night with a baby, or taking several pills a day.

All that being said, I get that we all have moment of bad choices and weaknesses. The point I am making is that those moments should not have to define the rest of our lives and the lives of our children. If you are a single woman who wants to be a single mom, then do it in a way that is as kind and responsible as possible to all involved. Self-respect and self-control are critical. What are the underlying issues that support this trend? Feeling so heartbroken that you don’t even care about your future because you can’t even see it? Trying to prove your sexiness when it’s been slowly drained out of your for years? Those are temporary feelings and you can seek counseling to help with them. What if you do meet the right person tomorrow? You may be able to have the life you dream of, but right now you may be bringing that one impulsive night that turned into a lifetime into their life as well. Is it fair to anyone, most of all you?

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