Now's The TIme to Trade Rajon Rondo/Jeff Green

Trade Rajon Rondo or Jeff Geen

The Celtics are currently right at the beginning of a the rebuilding process as the trade deadline approaches. The team is struggling as expected but need to make a deal at the trade deadline. No matter what the Celtics record may be they need to trade Rajon Rondo or Jeff Green at the trade deadline before they lose value.

Coming off of his knee injury Rondo is finally beginning to look like his old self, which is perfect because the trade deadline is only two weeks away. If the Celtics trade Rajon  Rondo now they should be able to get near full value for him if he goes to the right team. A return of several more draft picks, or a younger player and a pick would do a lot more for the future of the Celtic's organization than Rajon Rondo could.

If the Celtics do not trade Rondo at this upcoming trade deadline they run the risk of losing him all together. ESPN recently reported that Rondo is "intrigued" by the prospect of the free agent market. Rondo even went as far as to say "It's kind of like, I would say, maybe college recruiting..." in his interview and showed a lot of interest in cashing in as a free agent. If the Celtics do not make a deal and Rondo decides to leave Boston then the Celtics would have lost a very good point guard for nothing. A deal right now, as Rondo re-emerges, would guarantee the Celtics get value for Rondo and also  could free the Celtics from a potential long contract with Rondo.

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If the Celtics cannot trade Rajon Rondo, or even if they do pull off a trade they should be looking into possible deals for Jeff Green. With Jeff Green already being 27 and a rebuild looking to be multiple years long it appears that Green will be an aging veteran by the time the Celtics rebuild. Green will not add much value to the team at an older age as he loses some athleticism, and therefore should be traded soon. It is more urgent for the Celtics to trade Rajon Rondo than Jeff Green but Green would be an easier trade. Most playoff teams would kill to have a lanky wing man to add too the mix and the Celtics should have no problem getting a late first round pick for him. The Problem with Green's trade value is his consistency. The Celtics would be better off trading him now because every season that passes he is another year older, therefore losing value, and with his inconsistent play he may not play ass well next season and lose value.

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With the Celtics in the middle of a complete overhaul it is imperative that the team is not bogged down by expensive long term contracts, and that the team has draft picks to use as assets. The Celtics could easily acquire more assets while getting rid of two potential long term contracts if they trade Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green before the trade deadline, and I advise they do.

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