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So I went out in the big smoke (Dublin)recently. I was with a crowd from a work, just a group of girls. We started off drinking in the hotel then moved to a great little rocker bar where we got a few drinks in. We were having a really brilliant time it must be said. Then we decided as drunk girls do, we must go DANCING! So we went to a club around the corner. 

There was a ridiculous amount of jaegar drank and well I was on top of the stage dancing my ass off where I was told to get down several times. Yes, I am totally wild. Anyway I still have some memory blanks but I have the basics down. There was a very pushy guy with pretty bad English who wouldn't leave me alone towards the end of the night. I was just drunk and wanted to dance with the girls. I was in an exceptionally good mood though and I am not good at being mean or saying no whilst under the influence. Anyway the guy kept asking for my number so I was being friendly and entered digits into his phone, I remember trying to concentrate on putting in the wrong number. It was soon closing time and we headed off to our hotel. 

Anyway morning came, I woke up, fairly  hungover but happy enough. Myself and my friend were discussing the night and laughing over the pictures and over the guy that wouldn't go away. I told her how I had given him the wrong the number. I checked my phone and lo and behold there was 3 missed calls from a number I didn't recognise and  a voicemail. I checked the voicemail and it went something like this.

"Hello, this is ****, from the club last night. Maybe we go date tonight and can suck on each other lips. I like the sucking of lips. Call me back, pretty woman"

Good God. I played the voicemail out loud to my friend and we actually died laughing. I couldn't believe it.I had been so drunk and intent on giving the wrong number I actually gave him the right number. It would literally only happen to me.

At this point I had text messages from him asking again if we could "suck lips". I texted back and  said "I'm sorry you must have the wrong number, this is John." (rookie mistake) I got a message back saying: "You are lieing, I listened to your voicemail. Please come out tonight." Yup I was that stupid, completely forgot about the fact my voicemail says my name and is in my own voice. Hmmmm.

Have to say we did laugh at it and now I've to block the number now. Hopefully  I won't get any weird calls. Ah well, I'm an idiot. Anyone else make stupid mistakes or give their real number by mistake?!Come on, tell me I'm not alone here!


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