Nursing- Can't Make Enough Milk

Insufficient Glandular Tissue, also named Hypoplasia, is real for some moms who are nursing or have tried to nurse.  With my second child, my failure had a name.  Physically, I cannot make enough milk to feed my children no matter what I do.  I gave up with my oldest child at four months because I didn't have the support at work, guilt, and he lost interest.  Currently, I am nursing my third child.

Yes, I have tried everything!  I've visited lactation consultants, read the Kellymom website, nearly memorized various brochures,  read books from the library, and visited bulletin boards on BabyCenter.  I feel like a near-expert on everything related to nursing.  I hope to support nursing moms for the years to come.  This is why I am writing today. 

The pressure to nurse can be emotional damaging.  The "Have you tried...?" phrases provokes internal screams and the tactful response, "Yes". The tips include tons of water, fenugreek pills, prescription medications, oatmeal, power pumping, nursing vacations, lactation cookies, pumping around the clock, brewer's yeast, and mother's milk tea.  For a small percentage of moms, we cannot nurse exclusively as badly as we want to. 

I have come to peace with providing as much breast milk as possible for my children.  I pump and nurse.  At daycare, my baby gets formula.  Outside of daycare in the evenings, on days off, and on the weekends, he gets pumped milk in bottles or nurses.  Sometimes I must fill a bottle with formula.  He gets every drop that I can make.  I am not a quitter and I plan on nursing until he turns at least a year old.  I pump at work twice a day even though my work is not exactly "pumping friendly".  I feed him that bottle before bedtime that night. Those few ounces are precious, and, yes, I have cried over spilled milk.

Current and present exclusive breastfeeding moms, please don't judge other moms who cannot nurse exclusively.  Many of us wish we could.  I wish that our country could focus on supporting all moms who nurse exclusively, pump exclusively, or a mix of the two.  Any way you look at it, we are doing what we can to nourish our children.  Don't take away formula  and the free samples- some of us need formula.

Nursing has been a great experience overall when I can put my feeling of failure to the side.  I love the feeling of nursing my children.  It is a stress reliever after a hectic day of work to cuddle up with my baby and watch him eat.

You can read more about IGT/Hypoplasia at Kellymom's website:



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