The Nursing Mother's Cookbook

The Nursing Mother’s Cookbook-an eating survival guide for new parents.

How do you feed yourself when you are spending so much time trying to feed a new baby? I started this food blog based on my experiences trying to feed myself once a baby came along into my life. While nursing, I had to make a lot of adjustments to my diet, not to mention to the complexity of what I was able to pull off in the kitchen. I had to totally re-think what I ate and how it was made. 

Now I am no longer nursing but it seems a shame to waste everything I've learned through this experience so I started The Nursing Mother's Cookbook-an eating survival guide for new parents. Every recipe is super simple and structured so that you can walk away from the prep work at any point to attend to Junior.  Most of the food I feature can be adapted for people who've had to give up wheat or dairy or don't eat meat.


Many of the recipes you will find here are aimed at the new mom who’s has to go on an elimination diet while nursing a colic-y baby. Most  are simple enough to fix with one arm and half a night’s sleep. These recipes are flexible, easy to prepare, and contain no hard to find ingredients. Anyone who has to eliminate dairy, wheat, spices, meat and/or other ingredients should look here for inspiration in the kitchen.



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