Nursing school is dissolving my brain

Weird, huh?  It’s a strange phenomenon categorized by confusion, slurred speech, forgetting what you are saying when you’re mid-sentence, not knowing what day of the week it is, physically feeling like your brain is about to explode, waking up in a place that you don’t remember going to sleep in, leaving the house without something essential, or my current favorite, leaving something essential somewhere and not realizing it until hours have passed.

It has become fairly routine for me to walk out of the house, lock the door, get into my car, start the car, and back out of the driveway, just so I can circle my block and return home to grab something I forgot.  It’s usually something like my stethoscope, a book, my patient care plan, an assignment, or my shoes.  Yes, my shoes.  I got halfway to school the other day before I realized I had my leopard print bed-slippers on.  Oops.

It has gotten so bad that each night I write myself a list of things I need for the next day.  I tape the list to the door and I check items off as I physically put them in my bag.  I have recently added phone, keys, and shoes to the list every day.  Sad isn’t it?  What’s worse than leaving important things at home?  Leaving important things someplace public – and letting hours pass by before you realize it.

Here’s what happened: we had our first exam and demo last week, so everyone was freaking out.  The first exam is always the worst because you don’t know what to expect.  Plus, if you remember, we have two exams and one final exam that makes up our entire grade.  That’s a TON of pressure.

After the exam and demo I had to go to the grocery store because I hadn’t been in nearly three weeks.  I hardly remember the experience because my brain was still mush from the test – thank goodness I remembered my grocery list!  I remember paying, putting my groceries in the car, getting home, unpacking them, and then collapsing into a post-test coma.  Unfortunately, I did not remember my wallet.  I left it at the store…in the grocery cart…outside in the parking lot.

Three hours later, I woke up and realized I couldn’t find my wallet.  I tore through the house, through my car, through all my bags, and through the trash.  It was nowhere to be found.  I thought my stomach was going to fall out my butt.  When I called the grocery store and they said they had my wallet, I nearly peed my pants.  Some good Samaritan saw it in the grocery cart and turned it in.  I couldn’t believe it!  When I picked it up, I looked inside, and all four of my dollars were still in there!  And I’m pretty sure that all that stress and worry caused my brain to dissolve a little bit more…


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